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5$ 10$ 25$ 50$ Another amount Database and Fansite provide useful information, tips, guides and tutorials from Lineage 2 Revolution game. Information are provided by the website for free and probably may help you speed your progress in the game and help you to create your own strategy in PvE and PvP. If you like this site, please feel free to support us with any amount by clicking on the donate buttons above. Donations will be primarly used to pay for hosting and costs associated with the server (site) traffic as well as for new site features and content to provide you better user experience.
If you encounter problems with sending donation, please let us know via our forum.

What do you get for your donation?

  1. Your nickname on list of Donators: Your nickname (username of this site) will be displayed on the list of donators below if the payment comes from Paypal account associated with same email address that was used to register on this site. If the payment comes from a Paypal account associated with different email adress than what you used for registration on this site and you don’t fill the “email note” on the payment, then your nickname will be the first part of your email associated with payment Paypal account (e.g if email is, then nickname “test” will appear on the list of donators)
  2. Link to your personal or business website: You can also set up a link to your personal or business website from your name on the list of donators. If your profile page has filled up website and you used the same email for Paypal payment and for this site’s registration, then the site link will apear with your nickname. Another way is to write your website into the email note during the payment.

Note: We reserve rights to refuse list any site we find inappropriate. Specifically offensive sites, Gambling and betting sites, medical or food suplements etc.
We also reserve rights to refuse list nicknames that contain rude words or we find it inappropriate in any other way. The listed links have a nofollow attribute.

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