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As official announcement from Netmarble says that the period from the 13.12. until the next major update is characterized as Siege pre-season. During this time they took all your feedback and decided to make improvements to Open and Fortress Siege mechanics. Changes in both Sieges will occur in the upcoming patch and can be marked as the start of official season for Siege´s. Another mark of pre-season character is refunding of all clan Adena used as bids in Fortress Sieges before this update.

First of all, the new Fortress will be added to the Gludio and Dion Territory. These Fortresses provide various bonuses according to territory and provide another opportunity for conquering a Fortress. There will be a total of 8 new Fortresses added (4 for Gludio and 4 for Dion Territory). Open Siege model will also be revamped according to high number of draw amount results. Altars buffs have been greatly adjusted causing a great advantage to teams who imprinted both altars.

Fortress Siege:

  • Added 8 new Fortresses to the game. 4 for Gludio and 4 for Dion Territory
  • A new additional login reward will be available for clan members who own a Fortress

Open Siege:

  • New achievements for Open Siege participants will be added to the game
  • Attack / Defense buffs can be obtained during Open Siege for defeating opponents
  • Imprinted Altar now also provides additional 25% bonus damage to towers (50% for both Altars)
  • If the Holy Artifact does not get imprinted before the timer reaches zero, the team that accumulates more imprinting time on enemy’s Holy Artifact will be marked as the winner

Watch on official update teaser

There will also be added new mount “Steam Beatle” hornflutes that can be only obtained for Open Siege victories and for completing siege achievements. Bearing that in mind, this mount is destined only for true skilled heroes of Lineage 2 Revolution game.

To acquire a new mount, you will only need to obtain following items:

  • 1 Hornflute (can be obtained for Open Siege victories)
  • 1 Summoning Stone(can be obtained from 100 Summoning Stone Fragments binds)
  • 100,000 Adena

Note: Steam Beatle Summoning Stone Fragments can be obtained by completing upcoming achievements.

Besides Sieges changes, a new field boss Stenoa will appear in Giran Territory. This will be another opportunity for the best heroes to measure their strength against such a strong enemy.

According to Lineage 2 Revolution official Twitter, upcoming changes will occur in next major update which will be released on 23.1. Update will also contain changes described here and maybe much more.

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