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We would like to introduce a new tool – Enchanting Simulator. With this tool you can enchant your favorite equipment. Thanks to this tool you can learn a lot of enchanting mechanics and you can find the best strategy to get your enhancement to the maximum level. Enchanting simulator tracks your enhancement attempts and provides useful statistics for you. These statistics can help you with decision making if you have enough resources for next attempts or they can help you get better to grind some more scrolls/maphrs.

How the Enhancement Simulator works:

1. First select an Equipment slot you would like to enchant
2. Select Equipment
3. Select between Normal or Blessed Scrolls
4. Use Maphrs if you want
5. Attempt to Enchant
6. Statistics of your Enchant run
7. Tracks of each your attempt
8. Copy link to share your results
9. Share your results directly on your Facebook wall
10. Restart your enchanting progress and start another with a new equipment

Start your enchanting here

All your enhancement attempts can be shared via generated link or posted directly on Facebook. You can also post your results into comments in this article to show others your success or bad luck with enhancement. Sharing your results have an output like this.

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