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When you go trough Lineage 2 Revolution more deeply, you probably discover that this mobile MMORPG is mostly aimed for PvP. Like his ancestor Lineage 2 PC game, this game is designed for large scale massive battles. Most of you probably heard about Fortress or Castle Sieges in connection with Lineage 2. Maybe some of you tried Fortress Siege that was previously released on SEA servers and know how much fun it brings to the game.

In any case, developers from Netmarble announced new in game event named „Prepare for Fortress Siege !“. What does it mean? We can probably expect a major update where Fortress Siege is added to the game in the near future.

We are also planning to reveal additional information about Fortress Siege on our site in near future, so watch this space!

Now we can look further into event duration as well as their mechanism and rewards. „Prepare for Fortress Siege“ event is a Login event. You can just login every day and claim your reward. If you miss a day your reward will be gone and you will be able to grab a reward only for another day you log. Daily rewards are associated with your account and if you grab it by one of your characters, it can’t be acquired by another character on your account anymore. Therefore – pick your rewards wisely.

Event period

Region Event Starts Event End
Europe 15.11.2017 08:00 (GMT) 29.11.2017 07:59 (GMT)
America West 15.11.2017 12:00 (PST) 28.11.2017 11:59 (PST)
America East 15.11.2017 03:00 (EST) 29.11.2017 02:59 (EST)
Oceania 15.11.2017 19:00 (AEDT) 29.11.2017 18:59 (AEDT)


Day Reward
29.11 (We) 1x S-Grade Weapon Box
30.11 (Th) 2x R-Grade Weapon Varnish Box
50,000 Adena
1.12 (Fr) 3x Soul Crystal Selection Box
5x S-Grade Quest Scroll Box
2.12 (Sa) 2x Monster Summoning Selection Box
2x Einhasad Blessing
3.12 (Su) 1x Boss Summoning Selection Box
2x Einhasad Blessing
4.12 (Mo) 1x S-Grade Accessory Box
1x R-Grade Accessory Varnish
5.12 (Tu) 10x Upgrade Stone Selection Box
6.12 (We) 5x Enhancement Scroll Selection Box
7.12 (Th) 1x S-Grade Armor Box
3x R-Grade Armor Varnish
8.12 (Fr) 5x Enhancement Scroll Selection Box
9.12 (Sa) 2x Monster Summoning Selection Box
2x Einhasad Blessing
10.12 (Su) 1x Boss Summoning Selection Box
2x Einhasad Blessing
11.12 (Mo) 1x Blessed Enhancement Scroll Selection Box
100,000 Adena
12.12 (Tu) 1x Maphr Protection Stone

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Where can I claim this reward in game? I thought there would be something on the Event page, but there isn’t anything. Just the Dice and REVOLUTION events.


These items are automatically sent to your mail box if you are login in the game. Check your account mailbox after first login every day and find items here.

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