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As the developer announced an official date for the Global release they also allow pre-registration for 48 countries including those in North America and Europe. At the moment more than 1,000,000 players have been pre-registered on EU/NA servers and developers had to increase the capacity for unexpected interest in the game from western player base.

Pre-registration is still open on the official page. If you pre-register on one of EU/NA servers your game account will be rewarded with Hero Starter Pack. You can also reserve your favorite nickname during the pre-registration process.

Those gamers that have run a successful international clan on SEA servers but originally came from western regions will probably enjoy the feature of clan name reservation. They can use a well-known name and expand their glory to another region.

During pre-registration you must choose server where you want to play. Account reward, reserved character name and clan name will be available only on the server you choose during pre-registration process. You will be able to pick another server but without benefits of pre-registration. You most log into the game within 2 weeks from the global launch to receive the reward. After this period you cannot recive the pre-registration reward.
You can pre-register here.

Hero Starter Pack Full Equipment set Exclusive Title
1,200 Red Diamond
100,000 Adena
1,000 Soulshots
100 Proof of Blood
100 HP Potions
100 MP Potions
500 Rune Fragments
5x B-Grade Equip. Selection Box
3x Enhancement Scroll Bundle
5x C-Grade Soul Crystal Selection Boxes
3x A-Grade Varnish Selection Boxes
3x Upgrade Stone Bundles



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Emmanuel Pornelosa Jr
Emmanuel Pornelosa Jr

Code please

jack day
jack day

i didn’t get my code,what should i do?? (


There is a old post, which refer preregistrations, which was ended on 15.11.2017.


I did my pre-registration before this game launched on 14 march 2018, but until now i haven’t received my unique code as reward. Do i miss something? My registered email and my game email are the same ( What should i do to receive my unique code/starter pack?


This is a quite old post. Preregistration was available only until 15.11.2017. Global game launch was on 15.11.2017. Your information about game launch on 14 march 2018 is wrong.

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