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New Year events arrived to the Lineage 2 Revolution game as soon as the previous Holiday Events ended. New introduced events provide great chance to strengthen your character equipment via Growth Mentor Event or to obtain luxury rewards from New Year Celebration Login Event as well as getting supplies of Varnish from Combine Event. Detailed description of these events, benefits, rewards and mechanics can be found below.

Growth Mentor Event

Aymel is back again. This time tasks from Aymel are focused on strengthening and enhancing your equipment. As usual each of completed task provides you with a reward and you can only complete 4 tasks per day. Other mechanics remained without changes as well. You still can´t complete tasks of higher grade until you have finished all tasks from your current grade. Each grade also offers you the same task as the previous grade but with higher difficulty and higher reward.

Event Period

Region Event Start Event End
Europe 03.01.2018 08:00 (GMT) 24.01.2018 07:59 (GMT)
America West 03.01.2018 00:00 (PST) 23.01.2018 23:59 (PST)
America East 03.01.2018 03:00 (EST) 24.01.2018 02:59 (EST)
Oceania 03.01.2018 19:00 (AEDT) 24.01.2018 18:59 (AEDT)

Rewards for Completion

Total Completed Quests Reward
10 50,000 Adena
20 Enchance Scroll Bundle X 1
30 Blessed Scroll Bundle X 1


Grade Quest Reward
C Level Up Equipment 5 5,000 Adena
Enhance Equipment X 1 1x Scroll: Enhance Weapon
Upgrade Soul Crystal X 1 1x B-Grade Soul Crystal Random Box
Clear Temple Guardian X 2 1x A-Grade Weapon Varnish
Equipment Draw X 1 50 Red Diamonds
B Level Up Equipment X 10 10,000 Adena
Enhance Equipment X 3 1x Scroll: Enhance Armor
Upgrade Soul Crystal X 2 1x B-Grade Soul Crystal Random Box
Clear Temple Guardian X 4 1x A-Grade Armor Varnish
Equipment Draw X 2 50 Red Diamonds
A Level Up Equipment X 20 20,000 Adena
Enhance Equipment X 6 1x Scroll: Enhance Accessory
Upgrade Soul Crystal X 3 1x B-Grade Soul Crystal Random Box
Clear Temple Guardian X 6 1x A-Grade Accessory Varnish
Equipment Draw X 3 50 Red Diamonds
S Level Up Equipment X 30 30,000 Adena
Enhance Equipment X 10 2x Scroll: Enhance Weapon
Combine Equipment X 1 1x High-Grade Equipment Box
Clear Temple Guardian X 8 1x S-Grade Weapon Varnish
Substat Change Equipment X 1 100 Red Diamonds
R Level Up Equipment X 40 40,000 Adena
Enhance Equipment X 15 2x Scroll: Enhance Armor
Combine Equipment X 2 1x High-Grade Equipment Box
Clear Temple Guardian X 10 1x S-Grade Armor Varnish
Substat Change Equipment X 2 100 Red Diamonds
SR Level Up Equipment X 50 50,000 Adena
Enhance Equipment X 20 2x Scroll: Enhance Accessory
Combine Equipment X 3 1x High-Grade Equipment Box
Clear Temple Guardian X 12 1x S-Grade Accessory Varnish
Substat Change Equipment X 3 100 Red Diamonds


  • Once you clear all 5 quests in the current grade, next grade quests will be available with a better rewards.
  • Free-clear is available 4 times a day.
  • Rewards will be sent to your mailbox.
  • Levelling equipment does not accumulate to higher grades. You must level up your equipment by certain amount on each unlocked Grade.
  • Combining, Substats changing and Temple Guardian completion are accumulated even if higher grades are locked.

New Year Celebration Everyday Log-in Event

To welcome the New Year, Lineage 2 Revolution Game offers you a special Log-in Event. During this kind of event you will be rewarded every day with various items. One type of rewarded items are special numbers 0,1,2,8 that can be exchanged for luxury items, such as SR-Grade Equipment Selection Box at the end of the Log-in Event period. You must login within 24 hours in order to obtain reward. All daily login rewards are being sent at 19:00 of your server time.

2018 Letter Collection Reward
Starts: 01.01.2018
Ends: 20.01.2018

Date Number Item
01/01 (Mon) 2 Blessed Scroll Selection Box
01/02 (Tues) 0 Auto-Clear Bundle X3
01/03 (Wed) 1 A-Grade Quest Scroll Box
01/04 (Thu) 8 A-Grade Weapon Varnish
01/05 (Fri) 2 A-Grade Armor Varnish
01/06 (Sat) 0 B-Grade Accessory Varnish
01/07 (Sun) 1 30,000 Adena
01/08 (Mon) 8 Enhance Scroll Selection Box
01/09 (Tue) 2 Auto-Clear Bundle X 3
01/10 (Wed) 0 A-Grade Quest Scroll Box
01/11 (Thu) 1 A-Grade Weapon Varnish
01/12 (Fri) 8 A-Grade Armor Varnish
01/13 (Sat) 2 B-Grade Accessory Varnish
01/14 (Sun) 0 30,000 Adena
01/15 (Mon) 1 Enhance Scroll Selection Box
01/16 (Tue) 8 Auto-Clear Bundle X 3
01/17 (Wed) 2 A-Grade Quest Scroll Box
01/18 (Thu) 0 A-Grade Weapon Varnish
01/19 (Fri) 1 A-Grade Armor Varnish
01/20 (Sat) 8 B-Grade Accessory Varnish

2018 Letter Combination Reward
Starts: 18.01.2018
Ends: 30.01.2018

Number Required No. Trade-In Limit Item
2 1 5 5,000 Adena Box X 1
0 1 5 Soulshots X 500
1 1 5 Recovery Consumable Box X 1
8 1 5 Herb Random Box X 1
2, 0, 1, 8 1 of each 5 S-Grade Quest Scroll Box X 2
2, 0, 1, 8 5 of each 1 SR-Grade Equipment Random Box X 1

Combine Equipment Event

During the event period all characters who successfully combine equipment with S-Grade or higher will be rewarded with R-Grade Varnish Boxes. When you successfully combine 2 A-Grade equipment or higher with the result of Normal type you will be rewarded with 1x R-Grade Varnish. When you successfully combine 2 A-grade equipment or higher with the result of Rare type, you will be rewarded with 5x R-Grade Varnish. You can combine more than once to get multiple rewards. More information about combining can be found here.

Event Starts: 03.01.2018
Event Ends: 17.01.2018

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