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New servers will be opened soon, providing a great opportunity for new players to start playing Lineage 2 Revolution game or a new beginning for the all others who missed their chances to dominate one of old servers. Even new clans, alliances and relations can be rebuilt on the new servers. And who knows – maybe you sieze the opportunity and will become the Castle Lord.

Same as before the Global Release, pre-registrations are open for new players on new servers. Pre-registrations grants you unique features that help you progress faster in the beginning. Pre-registrations are open until 8.5.2018 and you can preregister on the official page.

Pre-register now and claim your reward

(until 8.5.2018)

Here is a list of benefits that pre-registration brings to your game character as well as advantages of starting playing on one of the new servers.

Platform Rewards:

Android iOS

Glourious Saint’s Earring

Ageless Mercenary’s Ring
200 400

Exclusive in Game Title:

Note: Title is guaranteed only if you also reserve character name on your selected server

Rewards based on total pre-registrations:

100,000 pre-registrations 150,000 pre-registrations 200,000 pre-registrations
200 300 700
20,000 30,000 50,000
100 HP Potions 1,000 Soulshots 5x C-Grade Soul Crystal Selection Boxes
100 HP Potions 500 Rune Fragments 5x B-Grade Equipment Selection Boxes
100 Proofs of Blood 3x Enhancement Scroll Bundles
3x A-Grade Varnish Selection Boxes
3x Upgrade Stone Bundle Boxes

New Server Experience Boost:

Gludio Territory Dion Territory Giran Territory
10x 5x 2x

Valuable Attendance Rewards:

Day Reward
1 R-Grade Armor Selection Box
7 1,000
14 5x Blessed Scroll Selection Boxe
28 1x Forgotten Scroll Selection Box

Get Level Milestone Rewards:

Level reached Reward
Lv. 10 1,200
Lv. 20 200,000
Lv. 31 (Class Transfer) S-Grade Rare Armor Random Box
Lv. 100 SR Limit Break Stone

Also get new awesome rewards every fifth level up to Lv.100

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