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Patch Notes

At the last day of February 2018 a new minor update was released for EU/NA servers. The patch brings new rare pet, introduces new events and adds new items to the shop. There are also few other minor content changes released with this update as well. Keep reading for more details.

Patch details:

New Mount:
New Mount Maned Lion was added to the game. Mount can be obtained from Shop Bundle or summoned for materials from Summoning Circle.

New Events started:
Mount Dice Event
Substat Change Event

New Bundle Package added:
New bundle package was added to the Shop, such as Armor Strengthening Boxes or new Maned Lion bundle.

Trading Post:
At the Trading Post, prices for items that are less than 20 Blue Diamonds will be adjusted to have fixed prices.

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Why ios right now no connect sever? Suck
I’m here to virginia in usa


European servers are currently online, i didnt heard about occurence of connection problems in North America last days. Its probably caused by your network.

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