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Patch Notes

Minor update has occurred and brings some improvement to Lineage 2 Revolution game. Most important changes in this update are new difficulties for Clan Dungeon and Temporal Rifts. Now you can also try to challenge Tower of Insolence up to 80 Floor and much more. Read about all these changes in description below.

Patch details:

Tower of Insolence:
Maximum number of floors in Tower of Insolence was expanded from 60th to 70th. Beat stronger enemies and get luxury reward for each cleared floor. Details of new floors can be found in the table below.

Clan Dungeon Difficulty:
A Very Hard difficulty was added to Varkaron’s Vestige clan dungeon. To participate you need to be a member of Clan Lv.20 and higher. After successful clearing of the dungeon your clan will be rewarded with Ancient Clan Relic that provides items according to the table clan.

Temporal Rifts Difficulty:
Difficulties, Hard and Very Hard, have been added to both Temporal Rifts dungeons. Entry restriction for both difficulties is LV.180.

Improvements and Fixes:
Bug on Demonic Scroll: Guillotine reset attempts that trigger error messages have been fixed

Tower of Insolence new floors first clearance rewards

Floor Recommended CP Reward
71 596,400 1,500 Rune Fragments
72 621,600 80,000 Adena
73 647,500 1,500 Rune Fragments
74 675,000 80,000 Adena
75 702,100 R-grade Accessory Box
76 728,900 80,000 Adena
77 756,200 1,600 Rune Fragments
78 785,300 80,000 Adena
79 815,700 1,600 Rune Fragments
80 846,300 SR-Grade Attribute Stone

Ancient Clan Relic possible rewards

1x Blessed Scroll: Weapon
1x Blessed Scroll: Armor
1x Blessed Scroll: Accessory
10 Gludio – Boss Summoning Stone Fragment
10 Dion – Boss Summoning Stone Fragment
10 Giran – Boss Summoning Stone Fragment
20 Gludio – Boss Summoning Stone Fragment
20 Dion – Boss Summoning Stone Fragment
20 Giran – Boss Summoning Stone Fragment
1x Attribute Stone S
20 Attribute Energy
30 Attribute Energy
10 Limit Break Energy
20 Limit Break Energy

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Both difficulties have 180 level restriction?


It seems is a temporally solution, until 260Lvl patch occur.

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