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Patch Notes

The first update in 2018 was released for EU/NA servers. This patch brings higher Tower of Insolence challenges, adds new bundle packages to the shop, introduces new events and also closes holidays events. There are few bugfixes released with this update as well. List of all changes can be found in the details below.

Patch details:

Tower of Insolence:
Maximum floor in the Tower of Insolence was increased from 60th to 70th. Now you can acquire more and luxury rewards by challenging the new floors. Details of new floors can be found in the table below.

New Events started:
Growth Mentor Event
New Year Celebration Everyday Log-in Event
Combine Equipment Event

New Bundle Package added:
New bundle package was added the Shop, such as Inventory Bundle that can increase your inventory slot by 100. Details of all added bundles are shown below

Improvements and Fixes:
Game crash occurred in Arena during a battle while movement speed buff was active, this has been fixed

Note: The bug that occurs when you try to enter the Dungeon menu while playing Summoning Circle causing game to crash still presists. Try to avoid hitting Dungeons menu while playing Summoning Circle until fix is announced.

Tower of Insolence new floors first clearance rewards

Floor Recommended CP Reward
61 384,500 1,300 Rune Fragments
62 402,200 70,000 Adena
63 420,300 1,300 Rune Fragments
64 439,300 70,000 Adena
65 459,200 5,000 Rune Fragments
66 478,800 70,000 Adena
67 500,900 1,400 Rune Fragments
68 523,800 70,000 Adena
69 546,900 1,400 Rune Fragments
70 571,100 R-Grade Attribute Stone

New Bundle items in Shop

Item Contains Purchase Limit
Rune Imprinting Special Bundle 150,000 Adena
3,000 Rune Fragments
Luxury Inventory Bundle Blue Diamond x1,500
1,000 HP Potion
1,000 MP Potion
10,000 Soulshots
+100 Inventory slots
Grade-A Strengthening Equipment Bundle 200,000 Adena
10x Grade-A Varnish Selection
1 time
Grade-S Strengthening Equipment Bundle 300,000 Adena
5x Grade-S Varnish Selection Box
10x Grade-A Varnish Selection Box
3 times/week
Special Elixir Bundle 20x Elixir Essence Selection Box
40x Herb Bundle
3 times/week

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