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Mastery points are unlocked after a character reaches level 40. After that you will be able to acquire Mastery points. You can obtain 1 Mastery point for every new level gained to your character. Every fifth level (Lv.45, Lv.50, Lv.55…) adds additional 5 Mastery points to your character. This means that 6 Mastery points are gained (1 for new level + 5 bonus for fifth level). Acquired Mastery points can be spent in the shop on various rewards. Detailed description of possible rewards can be found in the table below.

In total you can obtain 265 Mastery points from levelling up from Lv.40 to Lv.120. After you have reached max level (currently is 120), you will still be able to acquire additional Mastery points from levelling. After you reach level 120, your experience bar will still accumulate experience points. When experience bar reaches 100% at Max level, your character will be rewarded with Mastery point and after that, value from the bar will reset and you can start levelling for another Mastery point.

After the Global release “Masteries” were also introduced. Masteries are different from Mastery points. After character level 40 you start earning Masteries. Masteries are located on the left bottom GUI screen. You can also see your Mastery on character detail screen. Masteries are acquired from levelling your character. You can only obtain one Mastery per level and there is no bonus Mastery for fifth levels. Once your character reaches max level (currently 120) you will still be able to acquire additional Masteries for levelling the same way as described above. Masteries at the current implementation seem to be only for prestige and cannot be spend or exchanged. It represents how much you grind, especially if you reach maximum level. Masteries are your only differentiation from other maximum level characters. Another function of Masteries is restriction of certain shop items until you have reached desired number of Masteries. Currently only Boss Summoning Stone Fragment Box is limited this way.

Mastery 10 ▲1

To sum up:
1. Mastery Points: Are currency obtainable from levelling up your character. This currency can be spent on various items in the shop.
2. Masteries: Are indicator of your levelling progress after you have reached max level. Another function is restriction of certain shop items that are locked until you have reached desired number of Masteries.

Mastery Points Shop Offer:

Shop Item Mastery Points Price
Auto-Clear Selection Box 3
Elixir Essence Selection Box 5
Grade C-A Varnish Box 6
10 Skillpoints 10
Enchancement Scroll Selection Box 12
100 Red Starstones 14
Rare Monster Summoning Stone Box 18
5x Maphr Protection Fragments 20
10x Boss Summoning Stone Fragment Box 24
1x High-grade Equipment Box 30

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