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Patch Notes

Today a new major content update was released for Lineage 2 Revolution game. Update brings many new features as well as changes to some annoying mechanics and fixing game bugs. The most important changes are Temporal Rifts which is a new party dungeon with ultimate game-play, Cloaks as a new item to unique equipment slot and new rare equipment that helps you with progress in Temporal Rifts. All these changes with their detailed description are shown below.

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Patch details:

Temporal Rifts:
Temporal Rifts is a new PvE oriented Party dungeon. When entering to the dungeon you must be in a party with at least two members. Monsters in Temporal Rifts are much stronger than usual and it’s better to enter with well equipped fellows. If you want to successfully clear the rift, cooperation between players is key to your success.

Cloaks are new items that can be equipped into new equipment slot. Cloak equipment slot is available after your character reaches Lv.75. Similar to “Titles”, both stats from your owned Cloaks and your equipped Cloak will be applied to your combat power. Can be acquired through Tutorial, Temporal Rifts or in Clan Dungeon. Can be also levelled, but unlike to other equipment, Cloaks needs special material to strengthening which can be obtained in Temporal Rifts or Clan Dungeon.

New Rare Equipment:
New Rare Equipment was added to the game. All new Equipment has a unique attribute which grants increased damage/defense against Magical Creatures. Magical Creatures are strong monsters in Temporal Rifts, Clan Dungeons or some monsters from Elite Dungeon. Magical Creatures can be recognized by icon shown below.

Clan Dungeon:
New Clan Dungeon – Cruma Core was added to the game. Cruma Core provides great PvE challenge for the strongest clan, because recommended CP for clearance of this dungeon is much higher than other clan dungeons. The Cruma Core summons monsters at regular intervals and attacks through powerful, long-ranged beam. In addition, its Mind Control skill confuses opponents into attacking each other. Cruma Core also has powerful reflect damage that makes the battle even more challenging.

Summoning Stones:
Monster Summoning Stones are now separated into a new menu. All Summoning Stones are now available through menu that is located in Dungeon section. Summoning Stones are still stored in your inventory, but it’s no longer possible to summon a stone from your inventory.
Summoning Stone waves were reduced from 15 to 8 waves.
Summoning Stone time limit was reduced from 30 to 20 minutes.
Core Drop chance in Summoning Stone dungeon was increased.

Monster Cores:
Monster Cores can now be salvaged for special materials which can be used to purchase other monster cores. Monster Core salvaging provides an item Soul Powder. New Monster Cores can be purchased in the Core shop, which is available in Monster Codex.

PvP Mode Improvements:
Added options to target only PK players.
Description of each mode was changed to be more intuitive.
Customization to attack only selected players was added to PvP modes.
Added improved Clan War logs.

Inventory Improvements:
Maximum inventory capacity expanded from 400 to 500 slots.
Feather of Peace can now be sold.
Soulshots are not automatically activated upon purchase.
Scrolls/Consumables/Misc has improved sorting within the Inventory.

New bundles added to the shop.
Changes made to items prices.
Changes made to item availability.

Other Improvements:
Alert badge – red dot was improved when shown on the screen.
Additional monster info added on the screen.
Added indicator for Normal / Boss enemies.
Main screen Quest notification window was improved.
Skill stat is rounded to 3 decimal values.
Open Siege Results Screen added.
Erika Guide was removed from the game.
Increased number of materials that can be used for Equipment Level Up from 10 to 40.
Increased number of max possible selections in bulk sale option from 20 to 40.
Increased the Weekly Quest Exp. Rewards.
Clan Tutorial was improved.
Added restriction chat to prevent spam messages.
Added a warning pop-up if favorite item is about to be selected as material.

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