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Patch Notes

First major patch brings important PvP content to the game. The strongest Clans now fight for glory and for prestige on large-scale designated PvP battles up to 50 vs 50 called Fortress Siege. For others who are not members of top clans but want to enjoy 30v30 PvP battles there is an Open Siege where anyone can participate. The update also brings many other improvements and fixes to the game content such as fixed drop rates of Monster Cores and Soul Crystals or added Content Reset Remaining Timer. List of all changes can be found below.

Patch details:

Fortress Siege:
Fortress Siege is a unique new game feature offering clans a chance to participate in large-scale 50 vs 50 battles. Clans are trying to conquer the Fortress by imprinting the enemy Holy Artifact located at enemy base on a battlefield. First clan that complete this task conquers the Siege and wins the battle. Detailed description of mechanics, rewards and benefits of Fortress Siege can be found here.

These Fortress was added to the game with this update:

Dolmen Ruin Fortress
Obelisk Of Victory Fortress
Shattered Lands Fortress
Temporary Defense Camp Fortress
Whispering Woods Fortress
Haunted Forest Fortress
Western Scout Post
Elven Ruins Fortress

Open Siege:
Open Siege is an opportunity for all players who are not in a clan or they are a member of a casual clan that cannot afford to participate on Fortress Siege to enjoy large-scale massive battle. While Fortress Siege is only for the most powerful clans and needs to hard preparations, Open Siege provides more dynamic combat experience available to everyone. Detailed description of mechanics, rewards and rules of Open Siege can be found here.

Content reset timer was added to each resettable content. Timer shows remaining time until reset in hh:mm format, so it is independent to your time zone and you can easily learn how long it takes until the next reset for desired content.

Equipment changes:
Damage of weapon attributes was adjusted. Current values can be found here.
Massacre from + 15% to + 40% damage to Normal Monsters at Lv.1
Bravery from + 15% to + 40% damage to Bosses at Lv.1
Hunt from + 15% to + 40% damage to Elite Monsters at Lv.1

Soul Crystal Changes:
Tradable Soul Crystals from C to A-Grade can now be registered in Trading post.
Soul Crystal Upgrade UI were improved
Soul Crystal drop rates from monsters were increased

Monster Cores and Summoning Stones:
Monster Cores drop rates from field monsters were fixed
Number of current monster wave is displayed on the screen
Notice message is displayed when all monsters from all waves have been defeated
Competition codex information is displayed when you summon Evil Summoning Stone

System time is displayed based on the device language.
Chat filter is now less restrictive to words used
English, Turkish and Russian fonts have been improved

Other changes:
Now you can purchase additional package of Soulshots even if Soulshots are activated
Class transfer is now completed even if you spend all Arena/Daily Dungeon entries. This task counts forward
Character that buys Daily Diamond Bundle will also be rewarded with movement speed increase buff during Bundle duration
Castle Siege first time game enter tutorial was deleted

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