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Patch Notes

Major content update has finally been released. Provides an additional end-game content for top leveled heroes. They can enjoy an increased level capacity and new Oren Areas designated for the strongest ones. New monsters are much stronger than before and for that purpose new UR-grade with unique crafting system can be found useful. Also Castle Siege was implemented with this update. There are also many additional changes to the Lineage 2 Revolution game. Discover all important information through this update change notes.

Patch details:

Level Capacity:
Level Capacity has been increased from present Lv.180 to Lv.260. This change provides new opportunities and reasons to grind even more. As a result of the new maximum level capacity Quests, Achievements, Elixirs, Skills, Runes, Monster Codex’s etc. will be adjusted according to the Max Level.

Character Expansion:
Elixir Grades have been increased from max. S-Grade to R-grade.
New Rune Pages have been added. Now you can imprint page 11, 12 and 13.

New Territory:
Oren Territory has been added to the Lineage 2 Revolution game. Contains 3 new areas designated for Lv. 180+ heroes. New adventures are awaiting in:

Northwind Plateau Eternal Lands
Ivory Tower Conquered Territory

Castle Siege:
A Castle Siege game PvP mode has been added to the game. It’s a massive PvP battle where 4 clans battle it out to conquer the Castle. The mode is up to 200 players and provides a real-time PvP experience. A total of two new Castles are added to the game: Gludio Castle and Dion Castle. First Castle Siege is introduced as pre-season, which means related rewards will not be awarded and Adena used for bids will be completely refunded when official seasons starts. More about Castle Siege mechanics can be found in this detailed guide.

Spectator Mode:
A new spectator mode is available for both Castle and Fortress Siege.

UR-Grade, Crafting and Salvage system:
A unique new Equipment grade (UR) has been added to the game. UR-Grade provides around 100% boost to base equipment stats compared to same Level SR equipment. UR-Grade can be obtained only through new introduced crafting system, where materials for craft can be mainly obtained from salvaging unwanted equipment. Detailed guide for UR-grade, crafting and salvaging can be found here.
Note: UR-Grade equipment only doubles base stats. Number of Sockets, number of possible substats and soulshot consumption remains the same as SR-grade.

Elite Dungeon:
A total of 3 new Elite Dungeons were added to fit progression according to the level expansion. You can now explore Ivory Tower Catacomb Laboratory, Forest of Secrets Canopy and Forest of Secrets Understory.

Dungeon Difficulties:
Daily Dungeon – Hell Difficulty added
Temple Guardian – Hell Difficulty added (Restricted entry to character Lv.218 and higher)
Altar of Madness – Changes in Level Restriction from current Lv.180 to Hard Lv.200 and Hell Lv.240
Countesss of Blood´s Boudoir – Changes in Level Restriction from current Lv.180 to Hard Lv.220 and Hell Lv.260

Tower of Insolence:
Maximum achieved floor has been adjusted from Lv.80 to Lv.100. New floors awaits to be beaten by the strongest heroes.

According to the increased level capacity a new Story-line quest was added to the game.
Additional weekly quests for Oren Territory were added to the game.
Quest scrolls Lv.180, Lv.200 and Lv.230 for each grade were added to the game.

New achievements were added to the game to accommodate the other expanded content according to increased Level capacity.

Monster Codex:
New Monster Cores and Monster Codex pages were added to the game according to new areas included in Oren Territory.

Clan changes:
Clan leave penalty has been changed according to the table below.

Leave Count Join Penalty Time before penalty reset
1 time Restricted from joining/creating Clan for 12 Hours 360 Hours
2 times Restricted from joining/creating Clan for 24 Hours 360 Hours
3 times Restricted from joining/creating Clan for 48 Hours 360 Hours
4 times Restricted from joining/creating Clan for 96 Hours 360 Hours

Other changes and fixes:
Additional special rewards were added to Level up milestones (From Lv.1 to Lv.100)
Improved Monster Core Salvaging
Improved time display of Boss status board
Added a function that allows players to leave Summoning Stone Dungeon immediately
Added limit to Alliance creation. Only one alliance per day can be formed
Fixed issue with Level Hurdle Guide’s pop window
Fixed an issue where the Summoning Stone would still be used even if a crash occurred

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