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Patch Notes

Magdin – New unique massive city is coming into Lineage 2 Revolution game with upcoming update. Magdin brings many new features like Account & Personal storage for your characters or Training Grounds, where you can test your equipment. Except Magdin, June update brings improvement to enhancement system, new field boss, official season for Honorable Battlefield and much more. Read below to learn more about upcoming changes.

Patch details:

Magdin is a new kind of city in world of Aden. It offers a lot of unique features available only in this one massive location. Teleport to Magdin is available anywhere on the field and is free of charge. Discover below what features you can expect from Magdin:

Account storage and personal storage: Storage system will be available in Magdin City. You can use two types of storage. Account storage which allow you to transfer your items between characters in your account and Personal storage where you can store all items and clean up your inventory.
Note: Items in Account storage are available for all your characters in your account. Personal storage is only available for the current character. Also not all items can be stored in Account storage.
Beauty shop: Beauty shop can be accessed by visiting stylist NPC in Magdin. Beauty shop allows you to transfer your character´s hair style into something more exciting. Changing hairstyles or hair color doesn´t affect your character stats.
Training Scarecrow: Scarecrows are training NPC available in Magdin that can attack and be attacked. Calculate damage taken and inflicted to help test your equipment. Scarecrows are also available with different attributes Normal, Elite, Magical and Boss.
Mercenary Spirit Buff: Can be used trough special item dropped by World Boss. Once used, it is available for all visitors of Magdin at the time. Buff increases Critical Rate, Accuracy and Attack Speed by 10% for 30min.

New Accessories:
New accessory set has been added to the Lineage 2 Revolution game. These accessories are only obtainable in Summon Boxes or from the Honorable Battlefield Exchange Shop. Their attributes passively increase Attack Speed on PvP Battlefields (Arena, Honorable Battlefield or Sieges).

Ring of the Hero Earring of the Hero Necklace of the Hero

Costumes are a new way to change your in-game character look. Especially if you are bored from your every-day equipment look, now you have a chance to change your style. Same as equipment, costumes have a slightly different look according to selected race, but won’t offer additional stats when equipped.

FieldBoss Roc & New mount
Roc, the new boss, has landed to the Aden. He has a variety of combat patterns that will keep away all who try to hunt him. Roc usually appears around the Plains of Dion and the Dion Castle Outskirts. It’s good to know, because Roc Hatchling mount will be available as a reward for those who hunt him in the future.

Honorable Battlefield official season
The pre-season of Honorable Battlefield reached the end and the official season will open soon. Each battlefield season lasts for a defined period of time. During this time various items and titles can be acquired.

Enhancement system changes
Existing Enhancement system will split into two modes: Normal Enhancement and Safe Enhancement. Normal Enhancement will work same as before (its enchanting without using a Maphr Protection Stones). Safe Enhancement brings this change: Enhancement from +8 to +20 don’t use a Maphr stones anymore, instead you use more Adena if you want to enchant safely. How it works in general is described in the table below:

Enhancement Lv. Normal Mode Safe Mode
+1 to +7 Standard Adena cost Unavailable
+8 to +20 Standard Adena cost Multiple Adena cost
+21 and more Standard Adena cost Standard Adena cost + Maphr Protection Stones

Hot time changes
Auto-mode ON/OFF toggle feature for Hot-time in Elite Dungeons has been added to the game. Now you can activate/deactivate spending of your hot-time in Elite Dungeons by yourself. Also, if your character is defeated, Hot-time consumption is automatically set to OFF, when character is revived is turned back ON. Toggle ON/OFF Auto-mode is available only in Elite Dungeons and out of combat.

Bonus Time: 00:30:00
Auto Bonus Time ON/OFF

Improvement and fixes
World Boss Ticket becomes available for bidding, if one or more Demonic Scroll Quests have been completed
Player support requests and Clan member invitations are now available in Monster Dungeon
Setting menu is now available during Open Siege battle
Arabic language was added to the game

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