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Patch Notes

A minor July update has arrived to the Lineage 2 Revolution game. You can download it through Google Play. Update brings a new mount – Zephyr Roc and empower Roc field boss to even stronger creature called Emperor Roc. Also new improvement and fixes are now available. More about these changes is described below.

Patch details:

Fieldboss Emperor Roc:
Roc has evolved to more powerful version called Emperor Roc. He has no fixed spawn location and you can find him at random area in the Northwind Plateau Territory. He’s a dangerous boss and only the strongest heroes can slay him. Teamwork here is the key to success. More than 100 heroes at Lv.260 are recommended for successful battle.

New mount Zephyr:
Zephyr Roc is a new powerful mount. Once acquired, his stats starts at SR-Grade. He is a younger version of Field Boss Roc, which is domesticated to serve Aden Heroes. Summoning material for Zephyr can be only acquired after defeating Roc or Emperor Roc. There is no way to obtain this mount through the game shop or purchases.

Facebook friends rewards:
A long-term Facebook Friend Event got an improved reward system. It’s a good opportunity to enjoy Lineage 2 Revolution game with your Facebook friends. Reward system is adjusted according to the table below:

Invite Reward
5 Facebook Friends 300 Red Diamonds, 50 Red Starstones, 10x Enhance Scroll Boxes
10 Facebook Friends 100,000 Adena 70 Red Starstones, 3x Blessed Scrolls: Weapon
15 Facebook Friends 500 Red Diamonds, 3x Einhasad’s Blessings (100%), 5x Blessed Scrolls: Armor
20 Facebook Friends 300,000 Adena, 5x Einhasad’s Blessings (200%), 5x Blessed Scrolls: Accessory
30 Facebook Friends 800 Red Diamonds, 10x Blessed Scroll Selection Boxes, 8x Maphr’s Protections

Improvements and fixes:
Fixed multiple issues with Quest Scrolls
Fixed Auto Progression in Temporal Rifts
Time Counter on the Boss Status Board has been improved.

New items, limited offers and discounted items are available in the game shop. Check it and improve your overall character strength.

Also new events will be added to the game.

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