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Lineage 2 Revolution is primarily designed for mobile phones with Android or iOS operating systems. But the game character itself remains unchanged and you need a lot of grind and monster farming to become one of the top players. In fact, mobile device is not the best option for 24/7 playing due to battery cycle, warming, usability etc. Also Android operating system does not support multitasking, so if you play Lineage and you want to chat with messenger at same time, it is impossible. There are many other reasons to play Lineage 2 Revolution on PC. For example, if your mobile device does not have enough performance and does not support the game but you do have a powerful PC/Notebook/Mac.

For all these reasons emulation seems to be your best option.

What do you need Minimum requirements
Operating system: Windows XP SP3 / Widows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 and DirectX 9.0c installed
Processor: Dual-Core Intel or AMD processor
Graphic: OpenGL 2.0 support
Ram: 3GB Ram
Hard disk space: 2,5GB for Nox player, another 3GB for Lineage installation

If your PC/Mac fulfills requirements above, you need to download the emulator:
1. Download NOX-player from the official website. (Officially you can download another Android emulator, but according to our experience NOX seems to be the most stable, less demanding to resource and good optimised to Lineage 2 Revolution)
2. Install NOX-player with standard settings (click „next, next, next“) or use custom settings if you know what to do.
3. Launch NOX-player
4. Set your Google account in android account settings.

5. Download the game directly via Google-play or download apk file from Apkpure if you came from unsupported region and game can’t be downloaded directly from Googleplay.
6. If you download the game directly from Googleplay, skip to step 9.
7. When you download apk file, click on „Add apk file“ option from NOX right panel.

8. Select your downloaded apk file and click on Ok.
9. Wait until the game is successfully installed and run it from the created icon.
10. When the game is successfully loaded in the main menu, click on account sync icon and choose method of syncing your account (Google or Facebook).

Note: If you are using Google account for sync, this account must be set as the primary account to your device in accounts. It is the account which was set in step 4.

How to improve your performance:
If game does not run smoothly there can be 3 possible reasons:
1. You have disabled Intel VT technology. Fix can be found here.
2. You use Avast antivirus with improved virtualization tunneling. Fix can be found here.
3. Your PC doesn’t have enough performance itself, especially if doesn’t fulfil system requirements described above.

General settings:
To achieve the best gameplay experience in Lineage 2 Revolution game, set your Nox advanced settings according to the picture bellow. You can officially use more resources to achieve better performance and graphics, but minimum set for according gameplay is displayed below.

Another way to improve your gameplay on PC is keyboard shortcuts for skills and movement. Since Lineage 2 Revolution is adapted for touch screens, playing it with mouse is little tricky and it is better to use keyboard shortcuts instead. When you want to set your key shortcuts properly, you need to launch the game first.

  1. Click the keyboard mapping button on the side bar.
  2. Drag the d-pad button to the position where the direction control button locates on the screen. Default control keys are WASD. You can adjust the size of the d-pad button to match that in the game.
  3. Click on the skill buttons and assign your preferred keys to them.
  4. Save your key mapping settings.

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Messyl herni pokusy
Messyl herni pokusy

after update game always drops at start

Γιάννης Γιαλίζης
Γιάννης Γιαλίζης

same for me still cant do nothing about that

Kestutis Tamasauskas
Kestutis Tamasauskas

Why just dont released on Windows store? Alot there mobile game, but game don’t wanna play on other program… I wanna play like normal game.


Its only Android/iOS game. There is no official support or release for windows. Only way how to play on windows is emulation of android operating system inside your PC or notebook.
Lineage 2 Revolution cant be natively played on windows, because its mobile game.
If you want to play a Lineage game natively on PC try Lineage 1 or Lineage 2. Both games has working servers with active comunity.


I have done all like described. It workes on my Notebook now, but i have a question regarding account link.
I have linked my mobile account (iOS with facebook) and so did i with the account in NOX but i can´t play the same character. Not even the same server. At NOX i just have english servers and on my iOS device i can play on German servers. Is der any solution for that problem?


It strange that you cant play on German servers. All Europe servers should be available for all European users. I just tried login to Nox and change server and have all available according to screen bellow:
comment image


Unfortunately i don´t know how to post sceenshots here, but i dont even have the option to “change region” in the serverselection. Also i located the NOX virtually @ center of Berlin. Is there anywehre else some kind of region information i can change or some region-block activation/deactivation?


AH i found the problem. I used the apk file from Apkpure. This version seems to be troubled. I deinstalled the app and installed directly vio google play store and now all works fine. Thanks for your help so far. Maybe this post can help some other people who have the same problem.


Am I the only one who´s getting android ver 4.X after downloading NoxPlayer therefore the game is not supported ? 😀 Just saying Im tryna download apk file and install it 😀


Anyone experiencing with make Dpad working on WSAD ? Seems to dont work correctly in this game


Same issue here. Use arrows instead of WSAD. Arrows are still working on DPAD. It looks, it only happens on EU/NA version of the game. ON SEA version, WSAD movement on nox work correctly.

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