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Most players were waiting for this moment. For the moment when a small team sized real time PvP will be introduced. Now you can fight each other with your character, independent from your clan or alliance. As Fortress Siege is aimed only for clan battles, in Open Siege all players are equal and 1v1 Arena don’t provide a real time PvP experience, an Honorable Battlefield is an ideal place to compare overall strength of your character against other heroes. PvP gear, Runes, Elixirs, Codex competition and good enhancement are things that you should focus on in order to be prepared to dominate Honorable Battlefield. More details about this new upcomming PvP mode can be found below.

Honorable Battlefield is a new instanced PvP location where two teams consisting of three players stand against each other. Key to success is your character and team work. There is no equality like in Open Siege. The stronger you are, the better chance of win you have. You can form a party with your friends, clan mates, alliance members or you can start a fight alone where matchmaking finds team mates for you. You can earn Honor Coins and climb Battlefield rankings for each successful team victory.
Honor Coins is unique new game currency that can be exchanged for special items not normally available. Also, higher rankings provide better available rewards.

See the most important highlights about upcoming game mode:

  • It’s a small team sized (3v3) PvP instance
  • Overall combat power, character equipment and skillbuild are important here
  • Will be available for 3days per week
  • It will be open up to 1 hour at scheduled time depending to your server
  • You can enter the battlefield up to 10times during scheduled time
  • The match will last 5 minutes
  • The team that reaches a specific number of points first wins the match
  • Points can be earned for defeating opponents. If you defeat all opponents on the battlefield, bonus points will be acquired
  • If you are defeated by an enemy player, a 10sec respawn triggers your character. Alternatively, you can respawn instantly with premium currency
  • Potions and Soulshots are not allowed during the match, however buffs, feast and potion effects persist if applied before the match
  • Honor points and better rank can be achieved upon victory

Note: Honorable Battlefield is a unique new game feature that will be released a bit later after the upcoming content update. According to official information, you can expect this PvP mode to be available in May. Official date wasn’t announced yet.

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Is there level or other restriction for this mode?


According to information from Korean servers there you need only a character Lv.40. After you reach this, a battlefield will be unlocked to your character. But on the EU/NA can be a different restriction. There is no other official information available yet.


It’s will be a real time or against player bots like arena?


Yes, it will be real-time PvP experience.

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