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Patch Notes

Guillotine has finally arrived to EU/NA servers at the end of March 2018. It´s the first powerful World Boss introduced in global released version. Game mechanics of World Boss are slightly different from standard Field Boss fighting. All these details and much more can be found in the article below.

Patch details:

World Boss Guillotine:
Guillotine is a new powerful World Boss who challenges the strongest heroes on the server. If you want to face the Guillotine, first you will need 100 “Demonic Soulstones: Guillotine” that can be obtained from Dark Choir Soul Prima and Dark Choir Dark Prima. After that you will need to bind Demonic Soulstones into “Demonic Scroll: Guillotine” and use it, that provides you with a new quest (this quest is available only for 150Lv. and higher). If you complete the quest you will be rewarded with “Battle Token: Guillotine”. With this Token you will be allowed to enter into Guillotine Dungeon to fight the boss with another 100(maximum) players.

Rare Red Equipment’s Set Effect:
Red Rare Equipment set effect was added to the Lineage 2 Revolution game. See details in table below.

Equipment Set Name Grade 2 Set pieces 3 Set pieces 4 Set pieces
Mithril Luminosity of Silverlight SR Max HP: +6.5% P. Defense: +6% F. Dmg. Decrease: 5.5%
Dark Crystal Unity of Darkness SR Max HP: +6.5% P. Defense: +6% F. Dmg. Decrease: 5.5%
Divine Grace of the Gods SR Max HP: +6.5% P. Defense: +6% F. Dmg. Decrease: 5.5%

Other Improvements:
Increased number of channels from 10 to 20 (Giran Territory and Haunted Necropolis)
Decreased Maximum players per channel from 200 to 120 (Giran Territory and Haunted Necropolis)
Changed level of the monster Dark Choir Dark Prima from 168 to 182
Changed Dark Choir Dark Prima regular monster straus to Evil of Blood
Fixed count for the number of accumulated ‘Clan Strengthening Support Bundle’

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