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Lineage 2 Revolution was initially released in Korea in December 2016, where it raked in $176 million within the first month of live operation. It held a six-month streak as the top-grossing title on Korea’s mobile charts. In June 2017 it got launched across 11 Asian countries and has been topping the charts in many of them ever since. It’s now the top-grossing mobile game for Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines and Macau.

Good news for many western players who fell into Lineage 2 Lore is that Developers announced release date for North American and European servers. Most of the time it’s being referred to as Global release. The date was announced to be 15.11.2017. Until that time players can pre-register on official website and can receive various rewards that will surely make their lives easier once the game launches. At the moment number of pre-registrations reachedover 1,000,000 and developers had to increased planned capacity of their servers for unexpected interest.

This is a good sign it means that developers care about player experience and maybe EU/NA servers will not be overcrowded at the launch and we can enjoy the game without lags and login delays. It’s also a good sign for players as it shows that when EU/NA servers launch they will be populated enough.

Lineage 2 Revolution inherits most of features that made Lineage 2 a true MMORPG. Players will encounter an amazing open world, 200-players castle sieges, clan raids, real-time 3v3 or 50v50 PvP battles and all of these in a mobile environment. The game is developed in Unreal 4 Engine which results in incredible graphic.

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