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Netmarble announced a new major content patch to the Lineage 2 Revolution game. They revealed that the update will be released in the second half of January. It is the second major update from Global release. Update is primary aimed at the new content in the game. Let’s have a closer look at the upcoming changes.

Level Capacity increased:
Many heroes around the World of Aden reach the maximum level and can’t progress any higher. Some of them aim at Masteries, other at collecting goods and upgrading themselves. Good news for all players is the new maximum level capacity limit which will be increased from present Lv.120 to Lv.180. This change provides new opportunities and reasons to grind more. As a result of the new maximum level capacity, Quests, Achievements, Elixirs, Skill Runes, Monster Codexes and more will be adjusted according to the Max Level.

Note: Your mastery remains unchanged. This change will not have an affect to your already earned Masteries and you will be able to earn new mastery for each new level.

Inventory Slots increased:
Maximum inventory slot will be increased from present 300 to 400 maximum inventory slots.

Giran Territory Added:
Giran Territory will offer new exciting content for the strongest heroes. Giran Territory is designated for a character level 120 or higher and provides them with great adventure. Here you can find known monsters from Lineage 2 PC game such as Medusa, Wyrm or Succubuss.

There are also new locations added to Elite Dungeons. Now you can visit Ivory Tower Catacomb. But be aware, monsters in these catacombs are quite difficult and it’s better to enter with parties.

Also Giran Boss/Rare Monster Summoning Stones will be added to the game, they help you progress with your Monster Codex.

There are many changes that will occur in the game soon. You will find detailed list of all changes in the Patch Notes section after the update is released.

Are you prepared for the new content?

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Anyone know if I’ll keep clan dungeon boxes in inventory after update they will be there?


I believe that all items will presist in your inventory after update (except the event items from past events such as letters and dice). I have no another info about nerfing currently items after update. So most probably Clan Boxes remain in your inventory after update.

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