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Main currencies:

The most popular currency and the main currency (well known from other Lineage games) is Adena. Adena as main currency can be obtained from monster hunting, completion of quests, some of Dungeon completions (such as Tower of Insolence or Adena Dungeon). You can also make Adena from selling unwanted items in the Shop. Unlike Adena in the original Lineage 2, this Adena can’t be used as trade currency between players.

Red Diamonds
Red Diamonds is premium currency that can be purchased from the shop for real money. Small amount of Red Diamonds can also be obtained from completing Daily Activities or Special Events. In exchange for Red Diamonds you can extend your inventory slots, extend max number of entries to Dungeons and to Arena or you can reset Quest scrolls. You can also purchase various luxury items from the shop for Red Diamonds.
Blue Diamonds
Blue Diamonds is premium currency, which means it can only be purchased from shop for real money (except trading post). Main purpose of Blue Diamonds is to be trading currency. Only with Blue Diamonds you can exchange your items with other players. Another way to obtain Blue Diamonds is by selling your items via trading post.

Clan currencies:

Proof of Blood
Proof of Blood is clan currency primarily used to donate your clan. Proof of Blood can be obtained from monsters in an Elite Dungeon, from completing Daily Activities or from Special Events. After donation, Proof of Blood can be used to upgrade your clan skills or to level up your Clan Hall.
Red Starstone
Red Starstone is clan currency primarily used to donate to your clan. Similarly to Proof of Blood, Red Starstone can be dropped from Elite Dungeon monsters, but the chance are lower. After donation, Red Starstone can be used to reset Clan Dungeons.

Clan Adena
Clan Adena is the basic Adena that was donated to the clan. Once an amount of Adena is donated to the clan, that amount of Adena disappears from your inventory and the same amount appears in clan storage as Clan Adena. Once Adena is transferred to the clan it can’t be returned. Clan Adena is primarily used to upgrade clan hall, to hire clan hall keepers or to bid on Fortress Siege.
Clan Coin
Clan coin is created every time you donate a clan. In this case, clan coin can be obtained after clan donation from Proof of Blood, Red Dragons or from Adena. The more you donate, the more Clan Coin zou obtain. Clan Coins can be used to purchase clan buff or various items from the Clan Shop.

Other currencies:

Friendship Points
Friendship points can be obtained by greeting your friends from friend-list. The more friends you greet the more points you get. You can buy stuff from the shop for friendship points.
Mastery Points
Mastery points are obtained through your character leveling up. Your character begin obtain mastery point when reaches level 40. For every new level, you obtain 1 mastery points. For every fifth level obtain additional 5 mastery points. Mastery points can be spent in shop for various items.
Is used to purchase various materials from the Topaz Shop. It is acquired for real money purchases.
Is used to purchase various item from Milage Shop. It is acquired from the Blue Diamond equipment shop.

Trading Post

If you In Lineage 2 revolution Trading Post is only way to trade items with other players. Also it is the only way to obtain Blue Diamonds if you don’t want to spend real money. Not all items can be traded.want to register an item for sale in Trading Post, you must fulfil requirements described below.

1. Item must be tradable. Tradable item can be identified by Blue Diamond symbol on it. Tradable items can be obtained the same way as untradeable (Monster Hunting, Raids, Dungeons), but the chance to drop tradable item is lower.
2. Items must be S-Grade or higher (except Monster Cores, those will be registered from C-Grade)
3. If you want to sell an item with Soul Crystal, you must remove this crystal from the item before selling it.
4. You must be level 21 or higher to start trading in Trading Post.

Other useful information about Trading Post:
1. You can only sell maximum 15 items at one time.
2. Items are registered to sell for a 48 hours period. After that you need to re-register those items.
3. Once item is sold you will receive Blue Diamonds, but fee from the price is deducted.
4. Each item has different minimum sell amount. This means that the item can’t be sold under certain value.
5. If you have a tradable item and try to level up with an untradeable item, it will result in an untradeable item. The same appplies to upgrading, combining, soul crystal insert, enchanting, attribute enchanting and to limit breaking.

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