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Open Siege is a large-scale PvP battle which allows all players on the server to participate. There is no restriction like in Fortress Siege, where only clan members of strongest clan can participate. The only restriction to Open Siege is that participating character needs to be level 11 or higher. Open Siege is designated as 30v30 battle.


Fortress Siege starts on non-fixed day at 19:30 GMT London (other time zones can be found here). Participants can enter to the Fortress Siege 30 minutes before (at 19:00 GMT). During this time players can only move within their base. Players can enter the Open Siege with parties or alone. Alone players will be automatically matched to new parties and parties that are not full will be filled with alone players. If you want to fight alongside your friends you must create party with them before entering the Siege. Otherwise there is no guarantee to fight together at the same Siege.


The only requirement for entering Open Siege is that player character must be level 11 or higher. In Open Siege your character level, class and combat power has no impact in Open Siege battlefield. All participants’ combat power is set to the same value around 90,000 CP. Another feature of Open Siege is that participants can choose another class to fight in Open Siege battlefield. It’s a great opportunity to gain experience with different roles without needing to grind another class.

Instantly upon entering participants will be prompted to select their desired character and class. Participants can choose the same character as theirs or any different character they want. They choice can be changed upon respawn or via Class Crystal Change during the battle.

Each team in Open Siege has its own Team Leader. Team Leader has similar function as Clan Leader in Fortress Siege with a difference that all participants can imprint Holy Artifact. These mechanics apply to Team Leader section:

1. Team Leader will be selected from players who checked volunteering option to be a Team Leader
2. If there is no volunteer player with the best last Open Siege battle record will be selected
3. If previous requirements aren’t fulfilled, player with the best combat power from the team will be selected

Other rules of Open Siege:

  • Entrance to Open Siege is limited to once per week
  • Only party leader can volunteer as Team Leader
  • Non-participant players can join after the Siege starts if there is still extra room or if another participant leaves
  • If participanting player remains offline for more than 2minutes he will be disconnected from Open Siege and releases room for another player
  • If team leader leaves Siege before it ends, member with highest contribution in current battle will be selected as a new leader. If there are no points earned then one of the party leaders will be selected. If there are no parties, a random player will be selected.

  • Battle

    Mechanics of the battle is basically the same as in the Fortress Siege. The main objective is still to imprint Holy Artifact of the enemy base. First team to imprint enemy’s Holy Artifact during siege time (30 mins) wins the Siege. Imprinting enemy’s Holy Artifact can be done by all players (not only by team leaders). If no one of participating teams imprints artifact within 30 minutes then match is considered a draw and reward will be calculated as draw for both team participants. During the Open Siege players may interact with these structures:

    Holy Artifact
    It’s a main objective structure, first clan that imprints enemy’s Holy Artifact conquers the Fortress. Only the clan leader can imprint enemy’s Holy Artifact
    Inner Castle Gate
    Gates that stop enemies from entering your base. Only clan member can pass through
    Defense Tower
    Tower is used for defending your base. If enemy destroys your towers he can pass through your gate.
    Spring of Recovery
    Spring that recovers HP of nearby players. It is located in the middle of the battlefield
    Altar of Wind
    Get 10% Max HP buff while conquering and imprinting Altar by your clan member.
    Altar of Earth
    Get 10% P.Atk/M.Atk buff while conquering and imprinting Altar by your clan member.

    1 conquered Altar provides 10% bonus Attack buff to your clan member on battlefield
    2 conquered Altars provides 30% bonus Attack buff to your clan member on battlefield

    Warrior Grade

    Warrior Grade are points accumulated on the Siege battlefield. Points are calculated by the battle activity and you can get points from destroying towers, imprinting objects or defeating the team leader. You automatically earn warrior grade if accumulated points exceed desired values according to the table below. Warrior Grade points apply only to current Open Siege and are restored after Siege ends.

    Warrior Grade

    Grade Points Needed Buff Effect
    Champion 150 Attack and Defense +7%
    General 125 Attack and Defense +6%
    Commander 90 Attack and Defense +5%
    First Knight 60 Attack and Defense +4%
    Knight Captain 30 Attack and Defense +3%
    Top-Grade Knight 15 Attack and Defense +2%
    Knight 5 Attack and Defense +1%

    Points Aquisition

    Action Points Earned
    Imprint Holy Artifact 50
    Destroy Defense Tower 20
    Imprint Altar 15
    Defeat Lord 10
    Defeat Same Rank 5
    Defeat Lower Rank 3


    Rewards from Open Siege are provided instantly upon completion. There are two types of reward: Winning Reward and Contribution Reward

    Winning Reward Contribution Reward
    Battle Result Reward Contribution Earned Reward
    Victory 2x 5x 150 5x 6x
    Defeat 1x 2x 125 4x 4x
    Draw 1x 2x 90 3x 2x
    60 2x 1x
    30 1x

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