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In Lineage 2 Revolution there is plenty of dungeons and those are set in different scenarios. While each dungeon has a connection to Lineage 2 lore and can be located in Classic Lineage 2 world map, in Lineage 2 Revolution the player can access all of these dungeons via „Dungeons“ in main menu. Each dungeon can be unlocked by completing certain quests from the main story and there are also level restrictions and requirements. Some dungeons have various difficulties. Higher difficulties provide higher rewards. Dungeons have daily limit of entries/quest competitions. If you run out of free entries you need to wait until the next day, or alternatively you can purchase a reset entry for Red Diamonds.

Daily Dungeon

Unlock at: Completing Episode 1-3 of the main quest
Type: Solo

1x free / 2x reset

Daily dungeon is a simple solo dungeon where the player fights monsters and in the end defeats dungeon boss. After that the player is rewarded. Rewards are different for each day of week.


Difficulty Level restriction Recommended CP Reward count
Easy No restriction 2,700 CP 1x
Normal No restriction 44,700 CP 2x
Hard No restriction 124,700 CP 3x
Very hard No restriction 226,000 CP 4x


Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su

Tower of Insolence

Unlock at: Completing Episode 1-9 of the main quest
Type: Solo

3x attempts

The Tower of Insolence is a dungeon where players start on the 1st Floor and try to “climb up” to higher floors by defeating a wave of monsters and bosses. If the boss is not defeated within the time limit or if your game character was killed, the attempt is considered as failed. Every day you have 3 attempts to reach higher floors. Once you reach higher floor you can’t fall back to lower floor, even if you failed to defeat the current floor boss. Once per day you can use auto-clear feature to automatically clear all floors than are lower than your current floor. Auto-clear reward is calculated for all floors.

Elite Dungeon (PvP)

Unlock at: Completing Episode 2-4 of the main quest
Type: Solo / Party

30min / 90min recharge

Elite dungeons, unlike other dungeons, do not have limited number of entries per day. You can spend as much time as you want in elite dungeons, but the same mechanics is applied. You can enter many well known locations from Lineage in Elite dungeon, such as Elven ruins, Ant Nest, Cruma Tower etc. Once you enter you have a hot time. During hot time exp rate is increased 8x and Adena/item drop rate is increased 4x. When hot time timer expires, rates go back to normal (x1), but you will be able to recharge hot time to max for another 90 min per day for Red diamonds. Monsters in Elite dungeons are quite strong and it is better to enter there with a party or you should be very well equipped. Some monsters in Elite dungeon drops Proof of blood and Red dragons, which are useful items for clans. In each location of Elite dungeon a quest can be completed, which will provide additional experience and rewards. PVP are allowed and in this case some luxury spots are constantly under player’s combat.


Dungeon Level restriction Recommended CP Quest reward
Elven Ruins Floor 1 16 11,600 CP 3,000 10,000 20
Elven Ruins Floor 2 20 26,700 CP 3,000 20,000 20
Ant Nest Catacomb 1 30 70,300 CP 5,000 30,000 20
Ant Nest Catacomb 2 45 130,700 CP 5,000 40,000 20
Cruma Tower Floor 2 65 205,900 CP 7,000 50,000 20
Cruma Tower Floor 3 90 279,700 CP 7,000 60,000 20
Ivory Tower Catacomb 1 128 336,200 CP 10,000 70,000 20
Ivory Tower Catacomb 2 140 384,500 CP 10,000 80,000 20
Ivory Tower Catacomb 3 162 462,500 CP 10,000 90,000 20

Extraction Pit (PvP)

Unlock at: Completing Episode 3-10 of the main quest
Type: Solo / Party

Can collect 20 herb

Extraction Pit also known as Extraction dungeon is located in the garden of Ivory Tower, known from Lineage lore. Player can collect 20 herbs of different color per day and this number can be increased further by Red diamonds. Collected herbs can be used to craft elixirs. PVP is allowed and there are no PK penalties inside the dungeon. Collecting herbs takes some time and this action can be interrupted by other players when they attack you. Multiple players can attempt to extract the same herb, but only the first successful player receives the herb.

Players can find these types of herb:
1. Normal herb which rewards 1x by its own colur
2. Big herb which looks bigger and collected reward is 2x of its colou.
3. Special herb which looks shiny and collected reward is more than 1x herb of random color.

Players may also encounter few monsters while extracting herbs:
1. Mandragoras appear after successfully extracting a herb, granting elixir essences when defeated. Only the player who extracted the herb can attack their Mandragora.
2. Robust Ratels come in 3 types: Green, Silver and Gold. Defeating a Ratel grants the player Blessing of Robust Ratel to help with your extractions.
3. The Garden Sentry appears at a fixed time every three hours and walks around the Extraction Dungeon for 10 minutes. You can extract herbs around the Garden Sentry for 2x herbs, or you can defeat the Garden Sentry to obtain Garden Sentry’s Loot Box.

Temple Guardian

Unlock at: Completing Episode 3-3 of the Main Quest
Type: Party

2x Free / 2x Reset

Entry to Temple Guardian (Equipment dungeon) is allowed only through matchmaking system which automatically creates a party from players at dungeon entry. Officially it is allowed to entry with your custom party. If your party has 5 members you will be automatically moved to the dungeon. If you have less than 5 members, members of your party are automatically filled up to 5 members by matchmaking from other players and moved to the dungeon. In equipment dungeon your party must defend Crystal of water from wave of enemy monsters. Monsters are spawned during the time limit of 5min. You must protect the crystal of water until the time limit expires. In the end reward is calculated by number of defeated monsters.


Difficulty Level restriction Recommended CP Maximum Reward
Easy 20 15,600 CP 1x 1x B 6x  
Normal 46 104,400 CP 1x 1x A 9x  
Hard 89 216,200 CP 1x 1x S 12x
Very hard 146 409,500 CP 1x 1x R 15x

Adena Valut

Unlock at: Completing Episode 4-7 of the main quest
Type: Solo

1x Free

Adena Valut is a solo type dungeon where you need to fight with greedy dragon. Each time you hit a dragon you will receieve the same amount of Adena. The amount of Adena is deducted from your damage. You can receieve additional bonus Adena from destroying treasure chests which appear according to Dragon’s remaining HP. There is no additional bonus if you complete the dungeon, you simply earn more Adena because you do more damage if you complete the dungeon. With higher difficulties the dragon has more HP, which provides more max Adena to drop, but also has greatly increased defense.


Difficulty Level restriction Recommended CP Maximum Reward
Easy No restriction 52,100 CP 55,000
Normal No restriction 127,700 CP 73,000
Hard No restriction 228,600 CP 98,000
Very hard No restriction 478,800 CP 130,000

Trials of Experience

Unlock at: Completing Episode 5-1 of the main quest
Type: Solo

2x Free / 6x reset

In the Trials of Experience (Experience dungeon) you can enter only alone. In this type of dungeon monsters are spawn in waves and attack you. If you clear the actual wave, another wave spawns immediately. In dungeon there is a time limit of 3min. In this time limit you should defeat as many monsters as you can. Reward is based on number of defeated monsters. Once you reach rank SSS, your reward is maxed and you can’t get additional rewards from defeating another monsters.


Difficulty Level restriction Recommended CP Maximum Reward
Easy 38 75,900 CP 76,544 (+ 9568)
Normal 60 147,600 CP 115,704 (+ 14463)
Hard 100 243,800 CP 178,000 (+ 22500)
Very hard 150 420,300 CP 186,000 (+ 23000)

Summoning Circle

Unlock at: Completing Episode 6-6 of the main quest
Type: Party

2x Free / 6x reset

Entrance is similar to Trials of Experience dungeon and it is only allowed to parties. In this dungeon you need to protect NPC which activates summoning crystal. During the activation monsters spawn around crystal and you must defeat them. Dungeon consists of 3 crystals and all of them must be activated if you want to get maximum reward.


Difficulty Level restriction Recommended CP Maximum Reward
Easy 50 130,700 CP 1x 3x 6x
Normal 102 248,900 CP 1x 4x 9x
Hard 152 427,900 CP 1x 5x 12x

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