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Warlords charge relentlessly at their enemies, striking in wide arcs to cleave through many targets at once. They cast gusts of thunderstorms that cause enemies to faint in their tracks. Warlords demonstrate their power effectively solo or in groups, such as Siege battles and are more capable in one-on-many battles than in one-on-one combat. They prefer long-range weapons, such as poles or Dualsword and they also wear the best Heavy Armor pieces that can be worn by human race.

Key Features

Dual Wielding Melee Crowd Control Balanced Usability

Solo play: Warlords are one of the most popular character for newbies because they are really easy to play. They have a good skillsets to keep enemies away from their bodies. They also have decent defense and can wear Dualswords or Spears that makes it easiest for them to find decent weapon. You probably won’t face any problems to finish story-line, including story-line bosses.
Party play: Warlords are also a good choice for party content. They are good damage dealers with good survivability. Thanks to their DPS and survivability they can represent a tank role of some Elite Dungeon parties. But they can’t be true tanks because they don´t have any kind of aggro skills. Warlords have Attack damage increase buffs for other party members, so they are not the only damage dealers with good survivability.
PvP play: Warlords are also a good choice for PvP. They have two active crowd control skills with overall DPS above average and enough defense to make them dangerous opponents. But as they are one of most balanced characters, they don´t have any special dangerous skills that would make them unique in PvP. At the end game you will probably be facing problems to defeat well geared enemies.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Thunderstorm Revenge Attack Aura
Wide Sweep Spear Mastery
Judgement Warrior Weapon Mastery
Power Strike Heavy Armor Mastery
Rush Impact Human Potential
Energy Blast

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Warlords in most cases use Spears because they have skill mastery for them. They can also cast all of their spells with Dualswords, but endgame Warlords prefer Spears, because they grant them better overall damage output with better AOE. They also wear Heavy Armor which provides them with an additional protection from enemy attacks.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Dualswords or Spear Warlord in most cases use a Spear which grants them widest attacks. They can use a Dualsword as well.
Heavy Armor Heavy Armor is the best option for Warlords because they add passive bonuses to their overall defense.
Accessory Nassen Set is a good choice for a Warlord. Warlord as melee damage dealer needs good movement against long-ranged to avoid being kitted.

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Armor Appearance

On early Warlord journey, they mostly wear crafted leather armor providing basic protection against enemy attack. Mid-Grade Warlord typically wears heavy armor composed with modable metals. Elite Warlords wear the best part of heavy armor that protects them against most of basic attacks and only has few weaknesses that can only be misused by legendary enemies.

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