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Paladin class is specialized for close physical combat with an emphasis on defense, thanks to Heavy Armor that have only few vulnerable spots. Paladins focus on attracting monsters’ attacks and attention to themselves – allowing other party members to focus on dealing damage to make the killing blow. As other humans Paladin is also blessed with a balanced stat distribution. That makes them a good choice for novice players as well as it is still strong enough for hardcore ones.

Key Features

Reflect Damage Silence Enemies Provoke Enemies

Solo play: As a Paladin you won’t have any problems to complete story-line content. Huge defensive ability and human origin make them really strong character. They can also withstand many critical strikes from the strongest ones. The other side of Paladins superior defense is relatively low damage which causes slow farming speed. Paladins can´t earn experience as quickly as some damage dealers, but they don’t care about positioning or enemies strength.
Party play: Paladins are really good party players. They are often wanted to be a main party tank. They have the highest number of aggro abilities from all other Tank classes as well as increased defense of whole party members. Aggro or Provoking enemies with multiple skill is a key of success when your party wants to face against the really strong enemies, especially Field or Clan Bosses. They are also useful in Elite Dungeons where they attract all nearby elite monsters.
PvP play: Paladins are one of the most wanted classes for PvP in Lineage 2 Revolution. They are easy to play, have plenty of defensive abilities, also have a powerful reflect, which means that they reflect a part of incoming damage back to the enemy. But the true owner of Arena fights make from him skill a Vengeance. This skill turns enemy into uncontrollable state which is really powerful crowd control effect, while disabling all enemy skills for 8 seconds. Use of this skill makes a great difference during the fight.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Majesty Righteous Fury Defense Aura

Parry Mastery

Vengeance Warrior Weapon Mastery
Power Strike Heavy Armor Mastery
Rush Impact Human Potential
Energy Blast

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Each Paladin requires extraordinary training to learn true power of shield mastery. They use shields for far more than for basic protection. Veteran Paladins are nearly untouchable thanks to their shield which they can also use for damaging enemies. They also wear Heavy Armor which provides additional protection from enemy attacks.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Sword&Shield Paladins always use Sword in a combination with a Shield. It is an ideal combination which hardens their body the most while allowing them to strike enemies.
Heavy Armor Heavy Armor is the best option for Paladins because it adds passive bonuses to their overall defense.
Accessory Black Ore Set is a good choice for Paladin because it passively increases critical resistance, which makes him harder to defeat.

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Armor Appearance

Low-grade Paladin equipment is composed of heavy leather scraps and rusted metals. In many cases it is more dangerous to wear this equipment than his protection abilities. Average Paladin is looking for an armor that can furnish them and mostly can protect sensitive areas of their bodies. Hero Paladins wear a truly legendary armor composed with hardest material from the world of Aden. This kind of armor has almost no weak places and protects them against heavy strikes from the most dangerous enemies.

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