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Hawkeyes are human archer-type class who target enemies from long distances. Thanks to their good accuracy their arrows almost never miss the enemies. They can also decrease enemy´s moving speed allowing them to kite enemies easily. Hawkeyes hold a plenty of selfbuff that increases Attack Power, Attack Range, Critical Rate and Accuracy. Disadvantage of Hawkeyes is lack of Defense, Evasion and active damage skills.

Key Features

Long Range Kitting High Base Damage

Solo play: You can hardly find solo content for Hawkeye class. Hawkeyes have lack of HP, Defense and have lowest evasion from archer-type classes. Also they only have one AOE skill which causes only small damage over time, so you will often be facing survivability issues. Highest base damage among all archers makes no difference in solo play, because Hawkeyes are single-target oriented class. However, good base damage output combined with enhanced slow skill make easy kite to single target an enemy.
Party play: Hawkeyes are a great choice for party content. Thanks to snipe buff they have the highest base damage from all other archers and also have the longest attack range from the game. Because of high base damage and single-target oriented gameplay, they are an excellent choice for boss parties, but they are still descent for Elite Dungeons or other party content. Don’t forget, character positioning is still critical because of lack of defensive abilities.
PvP play: Hawkeyes are an average class for PvP. They have good damage output, but lack of crowd control skills and defensive abilities. They are useful for mass PvP where they can kite from long distances, but probably will be facing issues in arena fights. Although Hawkeyes can strike enemy pretty fast, they can also be defeated by another enemy quite fast because of survivability.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Snipe Enhanced Slow Guidance
Hawkeye Rogue Weapon Mastery
Multiple Shot Light Armor Mastery
Arrow Rain Human Potential
Assault Slash
Mortal Blow
Power Shot
Double Shot
Energy Blast

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Hawkeyes are masters of Bow. They use a bow as an accurate, long-ranged weapon which takes enemies away from their low protected body. They always wear armor composed of hardened leather and lightweight metal plates that can protect them from basic claws and from attacks but more importantly it grants them good evasion ability.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Bow Hawkeyes always use Bows because all theirs active skills require bow to cast. They also have passive damage bonuses if they are wearing a bow.
Light Armor Light Armor is the best option for Hawkeyes because they add passive bonuses to their overall evasion.
Accessory Nassen Set is a good choice for Hawkeyes, because it passively increases movement speed. With their rogue nature it makes this set an ideal choice for kitting.

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Armor Appearance

Early Mystic equipment is made of basic materials such as cloth and leather. These materials are mostly tailored with little magic that makes the owner stronger in attack. Such created robe only provides basic protection against scratches and claws from weaker enemies. Mid-grade robes integrate hardened chestplates and ornaments with leather magic tunics. This equipment provides moderate protection against enemies. True Spellsingers wear Robe sets made from luxurious material by ancient tailors. Most parts of owner body are covered by enchanted metals with magical ornaments carefully designed for powerful spellcasters.

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