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The Mystic Class holds the true power of magic. This class may focus on wielding devastating magic attacks or master the power of restoration and support to others. Mystics study the ways of sorcery, devastating damage spells, cure grievous wounds, cast deadly attack spells and create other wondrous miracles through the power of their intellect. Since Mystics spend most of their time reading books and mastery of the magic arts, they are mostly weak against enemy attacks. Mystics wear Robes and wielding Staffs.
Human Mystics have huge attack and are able to resist a critical strike in any fight from all enemies. When completing the class transfer in level 31 Human Mystic can choose between being a damage-dealing mage called Sorcerer or powerful healer called Bishop.

Human Mystic Class Path:

Mystic  Sorcerer
Class Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs
Flame Strike Mage Weapon Mastery
Wind Strike Robe Mastery
Energy Bolt Human Potential

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