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Temple Knights, who rose to the height of swordsmanship, borrow the power of the gods of light and water for both magic and sword. Temple Knights are offensive tanks, using large AoE attacks to stun enemies and reduce their ability to heal. With proper timing they can also potentially negate large amount of incoming damage. Temple Knights also have increased ability of evasion, movement speed and magical damage.

Key Features

Damage Immunity Evasion Reduces HP Regen

Solo play: Solo content, especially strong bosses can cause survivability issues to Temple Knight. Even if Temple Knight is a Tank role, they have lack of HP and defense. They hold the least damage from all Tank roles. However, this is compensated by great AOE spells with debuffs which will greatly increase your farming speed against normal monsters.
Party play: Templars are good members of farming parties because they use a lot of AOE spells which cause damage and debuff on enemies. They have a lot of evasion which is good against large number of weak monsters but they have a lack of HP and Defense. In this case they are not good for tank role against bosses. They can be preferably used as secondary support tank in damage parties.
PvP play: Elven Templars are a really good choice for PvP. Mostly thanks to Aegis stance which provides temporally damage immunity. This can be very useful especially in arena fights. With good timing enemies spam all his powerful spells on Templar while they are immune to all incoming damage. Thanks to HP regen debuff are also strong opponent against healers.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Aegis Stance Elder Avoidance Defense Aura
Tribunal Righteous Fury
Eva’s Grace Warrior Weapon Mastery
Power Strike Heavy Armor Mastery
Rush Impact Elf Potential
Energy Blast

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Each Temple Knight requires extraordinary training to learn true power of shield mastery. They use shields for far more than for basic protection. Veteran Templars are nearly untouchable thanks to their shield. They also wear Heavy armor which provides additional protection from enemy attacks.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Sword&Shield Temple Knights always use Sword in a combination with a Shield. It is an ideal combination which hardens their body the most while allowing them to strike enemies.
Heavy Armor Heavy Armor is the best option for Temple Knights because it adds passive bonuses to their overall defense.
Accessory Black Ore Set is a good choice for Temple Knights because it passively increases critical resistance, which makes them harder to defeat.

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Armor Appearance

Low-grade Temple Knight equipment is composed of heavy leather scraps and rusted metals. In many case it is more dangerous to wear this equipment than his protection abilities. Average Temple Knight looking for armor can furnish them and mostly protect sensitive areas of their bodies. Hero Temple Knights wearing a truly legendary armor composed with hardest material from the world of Aden. This kind of armor almost has no weak places and protects them against heavy strikes from the most dangerous enemies.

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