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Swordsingers have beautiful voice that is used to raise morality of party members and assist them in the battle. Swordsingers help gain bonus to critical rate and raise the attack and defense of party members. Sound of the Swordsinger’s voice is really welcome in any party. Swordsingers also have increased ability of evasion, movement speed and magical damage.

Key Features

Songs Dual Wielding Critical Output

Solo play: For solo farming Swordsingers are an average choice. They have good passive damage output thanks to Attack Aura, Rhytm of Combat and Esprint that greatly improve DPS, but only have one active damage skill with 22 seconds Cooldown. This causes only moderate damage output and farming is little slower. However, equipped with heavy armor they can easily survive in the battlefield against normal monsters.
Party play: Elves Swordsingers are excellent party players, because they boost morale by singing songs to other party members. Swordsingers increase critical chance and attack damage which will cause great DPS boost to a the whole party. They also slightly increase party defense. Swordsingers are not only support characters, they have another passive self-buff for additional critical rate and wearing dualswords provides them with great damage output. These factors make them also a good choice for a party damage dealer.
PvP play: Swordsingers are often requested for mass PvP when they rapidly boost DPS output from all party members. But 1v1 fights can be a little difficult for them. They have good passive damage, great critical output, but also have lack of HP and only one active damage spell, which makes them not the best choice for an arena fight.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Sonic Blaster Esprit Rhytm of Combat
Sonic Storm Combat Mastery Song of Hunter
Power Strike Warrior Weapon Mastery Attack Aura
Rush Impact Heavy Armor Mastery
Energy Blast Elf Potential

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Swordsingers in most cases use dualswords because they have a skill mastery for them. They can also cast all of their spells, they can also sing with a spear, but endgame Spellsingers prefer Dualswords, because they grant them better damage output. They also wear Heavy Armor which provides them with an additional protection from enemy attacks.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Dualsword or Spear Swordsingers use in most cases a dualswords as it comes out of their name. They can use a spear as well.
Heavy Armor Heavy Armor is the best option for Swordsingers because they add passive bonuses to their overall defense.
Accessory Elven Set is a good choice for Swordsingers. Elven Set provides the most basic bonus damage of all accessories. It also provides a stun resist.

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Armor Appearance

On early Swordsingers journey, they mostly wear crafted leather armor providing basic protection against enemy attack. Mid-Grade Swordsiger typically wears heavy armor composed with modable metals. Elite Swordsingers wear the best part of heavy armor that protects them against most of basic attacks and only has few weakness that can only be misused by legendary enemies.

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