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Silver Rangers are long-range damage dealers, striking enemies with their rapid attacks. They excel in great attack speed combined with increased movement speed. This makes them an ideal “Kitter”. Silver Rangers also have descent damage with AOE spells aimed on straight lines. Their high dexterity and quick movement makes them excellent scouts and masters of ranged attacks.

Key Features

Movement Speed Attack Speed Assault Skills

Solo play: With Silver Rangers you don’t have to face problems on farming speed, they have a great DPS thanks to attack speed increase buffs. But you must consider that as other Elf classes they have lack of HP and defense and therefore they are fragile. They can also fight against bosses but they must use the technique of Hit and run (kitting) which is very effective thanks to their great Attack and Movement speed.
Party play: Silver Rangers are not the most wanted class for parties. They only have one party buff which increases accuracy. Accuracy doesn’t really have an effect on overall party damage output, so for farming parties there are better damage dealer alternatives. However, Silver Ranger skillset is quite useful for Siege and PvP parties.
PvP play: Silver Rangers are an excellent choice for PvP. With their increased attack/movement speed ability they can easily kite the enemy. They can also stun enemies as well as increase critical chance/damage for a short period of time. But don’t forget, they are elves and if they don’t take advantage of their speed, they will probably lose the fight due to lack HP and defense.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Lethal Shot Swift Guidance
Double Wide Shot Rogue Weapon Mastery
Double Quick Step Light Armor Mastery
Mind’s Eye Elf Potential
Assault Slash
Mortal Blow
Power Shot
Double Shot
Energy Blast

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Silver Rangers are masters of Bow. They use a bow as a rapid fire, quick reloading weapon which takes enemies away from their low protected body. As an armor they always wear armor composed of hardened leather and lightweight metal plates which that can protect them from basic claws and from attacks but more importantly it grants them good evasion ability.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Bow Silver Rangers always use Bows because all theirs active skills require bow to cast. They also have passive damage bonuses if they are wearing a bow.
Light Armor Light armor is the best option for Silver Rangers because they add passive bonuses to their overall evasion.
Accessory Nassen Set is a good choice for Silver Rangers, because it passively increases movement speed. With their natural good moving speed it makes this set ideal choice for kitting.

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Armor Appearance

Newbie Silver Rangers wears light, flexible leather to guard their wrists and their throat. This lightweight armor is ideal for their evasion and movement abilities, but not for protection. Superior leather is used for crafting this kind of improved plated armor. Every rogue appreciates minor ornamentation of their shoulders and wrists with lightweight metals. Fine metal plates are carefully chosen to enhance Silver Ranger swiftness while providing a moderate protection against enemy attacks. Most of skilled Silver Rangers are looking for this type of equipment.

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