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Elves, by nature, are the fastest and most agile race available, which makes them ideal as daggers. They have the highest attack speed, evasion and critical rates of any of the other dagger classes. Their main drawbacks are their severe lack of defense and HP as well as low physical attack. Plains Walkers also have increased ability of evasion, movement speed and magical damage according to their race origin.

Key Features

High Attack Speed HP Drain Evasion

Solo play: Plains Walkers are capable of doing a lot of damage to enemies thanks to attack speed selfbuffs that rapidly increase their DPS. They also have great survivability thanks to active life steal skill -Plainswalk and Increased movement speed. But they are not good if facing against many enemies because they don´t have AOE spells. Tougher bosses can be a difficult for them due to lack of HP and defense.
Party play: Plains Walkers are mainly solo players. They have the best farming speed against solo enemies, but do not have any buff or benefit for parties. They can do a lot of damage in a party and sometimes steal aggro from a tank, so the healer must take care of them.
PvP play: Plains Walkers are an excellent choice for 1v1 PvP because most of their skills increases single target damage rapidly. Life steal with high amount of evasion also makes them dangerous opponents. The issue can be initial stream of enemy skills. Due to lack of HP and defense it could probably be a problem to survive, but if they hold it, they would probably win the match.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Blade Hurricane Critical Chance Quickstep
Triple Splinter Rapid Anger
Planeswalk Rogue Weapon Mastery
Assault Slash Light Armor Mastery
Mortal Blow Elf Potential
Power Shot
Double Shot
Energy Blast

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Plains Walker are dagger masters. They use a dagger for heavy melee blow. They know many ways of how to make dangerous injuries by one hit or how to find weakness of heavy armor. For an armor they always wear armor composed with hardened leather and lightweight metal plates which can protect them from basic claws and from attacks but more importantly it grants them good speed and evasion ability.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Dagger Plains Walkers always use Daggers because their active skills require to be empowered with a dagger. They also obtain passive damage bonuses if wearing dagger.
Light Armor Light Armor is the best option for Plains Walkers because they add passive bonuses to their overall evasion.
Accessory Nassen Set is a good choice for Plains Walkers, because it passively increases movement speed. With their natural good moving speed it adds another survivability if they need to flee from danger.

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Armor Appearance

Newbie Plains Walkers wear light, flexible leather to guard their wrists and their throat. This lightweight armor is ideal for their evasion and movement abilities, but not for protection. Superior leather is used for crafting this kind of improved plated armor. Every rogue appreciates minor ornamentation of their shoulders and wrists with lightweight metals. Fine metal plates are carefully chosen to enhance Plains Walker’s swiftness while providing a moderate protection against attacks of enemies. Most of skilled Plains Walkers are looking for this type of equipment.

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