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The Rogue Class is a physical damage dealing class. They are not only powerful in skills and damage, they are also agile, fast and lacking only in defensive ability. You better watch your back. Rogues are proficient in wielding dual daggers and bows. They also wear Light Armor allowing them to be extra fast, quiet and hardly spottable targets. They move stealthily among their opponents and strike them quickly, exploiting their weak spots.
Elven Rogues have an increased ability of evasion, movement speed and have huge magical damage. When completing the class transfer in level 31 Elf Rogue can choose between focusing on ranged weapons and becoming Silver Ranger or on daggers to become Plains Walker.

Elf Rogue Class Path:

Rogue   Plains Walker
Silver Ranger
Class Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs
Assault Slash Rogue Weapon Mastery
Mortal Blow Light Armor Mastery
Power Shot Elf Potential
Double Shot
Energy Blast

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