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Spellsingers “support” damage dealers, maintain true power of ice which restrict their enemies’ movement. Active skills of Spellsingers provide only moderate damage output but it’s compensated by the lowest cooldowns and the most balanced crowd control effects compared to other classes. They also have lack of HP and the combination of Robe equipped makes her vulnerable. According to their race they also have increased ability of evasion, movement speed and magical damage.

Key Features

Crowd Control Passive Self-Heal Low Skill Cooldowns

Solo play: 1v1 against bosses or strong enemies is not their best advantage and they have to use the “hit and run” technique in order to defeat stronger enemies. However grinding in normal fields will result in good farming speed thanks to AOE on basic attack and all spells. They also have good survivability against normal monsters because of passive self heal and crowd control spells.
Party play: Spellsingers are a good choice to the party and are often requested because of useful crowd control AOE spells that hold enemies away from the party, they provide buff to critical damage to all party members and their moderate damage make them not “only for support” character. However their weakness presists in the party and due to lack of HP combined with weak defense it is better to cast from behind.
PvP play: In PvP Spellsinger is a dangerous opponent, thanks to crowd control spells. Slowing speed debuffs combined with stun effect make her hard to defeat. Well geared Spellsingers with good chosen skillsets sometimes do not let the enemy make at least one strike in the arena.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Blizzard Frost Sigil Death Whisper
Ice Spear Attacking Light Heal
Flame Strike Mage Weapon Mastery
Wind Strike Robe Mastery
Energy Bolt Elf Potential

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Spellsingers use true power of Staffs. Their knowledge of magic can be imbued only with Staffs. As an armor they always wear Robes because it boosts their attacks rapidly. Due to lack of HP, defense makes no sense, try to harden Spellsinger with some kind of Heavy Armor.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Staff Spellsingers always use staffs because all theirs active skills require staffs to cast. They also have passive damage bonuses if they are wearing staff.
Robe Robes are the best option for Spellsingers because they add passive bonuses to their overall damage.
Accessory Elven Set is a good choice for Spellsingers. Elven set provides the most basic bonus damage and the biggest critical rate of all accessories.

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Armor Appearance

Early Mystic equipment is made of basic materials such as cloth and leather. These materials are mostly tailored with little magic that makes the owner stronger in attack. Such created robe only provides basic protection against scratches and claws from weaker enemies. Mid-grade robes integrate hardened chestplates and ornaments with leather magic tunics. This equipment provides moderate protection against enemies. True Spellsingers wear Robe sets made from luxurious material by ancient tailors. Most parts of owner body are covered by enchanted metals with magical ornaments carefully designed for powerful spellcasters.

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