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Elders are Mystics who borrow power from the gods to perform miracles. The Elder is a support healer who provides defensive and utility buffs for their allies with skills that reduce skill cooldowns and greatly improve defense of the party while constantly restoring HP. Elders always cast from backward positions and try to avoid tougher enemies, because naturally they are week in defense. Elven Elders also have increased ability of evasion, movement speed and magical damage.

Key Features

Reduce Party Cooldowns Restore HP Over-time Improve Party Defense

Solo play: For Elders it’s really challenging to play solo content. Elders have lack of defense and HP combined with only one active damage skill. These factors make Elders vulnerable, however with restoration skill they can stand on battlefield for a bit longer.
Party play: For parties Elders are the best choice because healer and buffer roles are combined into one character. Elders can provide great defense buff to all party member while they can heal over time all surrounding allies. This rapidly increases survivability of your party, while Elders also offer great DPS boost to party members by reducing their skill cooldowns and weakening enemies.
PvP play: Elders are good in party PvP where they provide greater survivability and damage boost to all party members. For PvP party support it is probably the best option. However in 1v1 fights they are not the best choice. Elders have relatively good survivability in arena fights due to restoration spell, but lack of damage means that they can´t defeat opponent at the time. Especially when selected opponent is Tank or Healer role.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Holy Fire Elder Avoidance Mental Refresh
Restoration Mage Weapon Mastery Follow Defense
Flame Strike Robe Mastery Boost HP
Wind Strike Elf Potential
Energy Bolt

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Elders use true power of Staves for healing selves and allies. Their knowledge of restoration can be imbued only with Staves. As an armor they always wear Robes because it boosts their attacks and rapid restorations. Due to lack of HP, defense makes no sense, you can try to harden Elder with some kind of Heavy Armor.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Staff Elders always use staves/staffs because all theirs active skills require a staff to cast. They also have passive damage bonuses if they are wearing a staff.
Robe Robes are the best option for Elders because they add passive bonuses to their overall damage.
Accessory Black Ore Set is a good choice for Elders. Black Ore set grants the most critical resist from all accessories which leads to better survivability.

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Armor Appearance

Early Mystic equipment is made of basic materials such as cloth and leather. These materials are mostly tailored with little magic that makes the owner stronger in attack. Such created robe only provides basic protection against scratches and claws from weaker enemies. Mid-grade robes integrate hardened chestplates and ornaments with leather magic tunics. This equipment provides moderate protection against enemies. True Elders wear Robe sets made from luxurious materials by ancient tailors. Most parts of owner’s body are covered by enchanted metals with magical ornaments carefully designed for powerful healers.

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