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At first look one can assume that Slayers are low damaging, tiny class. But this is not true and it is better to never underestimate their offensive abilities. Slayers have naturally low basic damage according to their origin but it is compensated by powerful damage skills and great HP and defensive values. This makes them a hybrid role because they have descent damage output to operating as DPS class, also their defensive abilities are strong enough to figure a tank role.

Key Features

Powerful Attack Skills Tank – DPS Hybrid Sacrifice Defense for Attack

Solo play: Slayers are a good choice for solo play. Thanks to their dwarwen origin they will last very long. They also have great skill damage output that grants them decent grinding speed. As a Slayer, you can clear all solo content without serious issues with good efficiency. It doesn’t matter if enemy is a single target, group or solo Boss.
Party play: Slayers are a popular class in parties because they have decent damage output, great attacking buffs for all party members and high value of HP and defense. In parties they can easily figure as damage dealers or secondary Tanks. You must remember that Slayers don´t have any aggro abilities, so if assigned as main tanks in the party, they should have a great damage equipment to hold enemies from other party members.
PvP play: Arena fights are the place when you can find Slayers extremely useful if you have good skillsets. Skilled Angry Dwarf is the key to success in arena fights. You should save this skill after enemy unleashes his initial burst of skills, after that, with great increased damage you can easily finish him. In mass PvP they are an average opponent with good defense, but they don´t have any special skills to advantage Sieges or other mass PvP battles.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Power Smash Crave Impact Attack Aura
Leap Attack Lucky Berserker
Angry Dwarf Combat Mastery
Power Strike Warrior Weapon Mastery
Rush Impact Heavy Armor Mastery
Energy Blast Dwarf Potential

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Slayers in most cases use Spears or Dualswords. They cast all their spells with both of them. Spear leads with better AOE and Dualswords are more likely single oriented with better attack speed. They also wear Heavy Armor that provides them with additional protection from enemy attacks.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Dualswords or Spear Slayers can use a Spear that grants them widest attacks. They can also use Dualswords as well for better attack speed.
Heavy Armor Heavy Armor is the best option for Slayers because they add passive bonuses to their overall defense.
Accessory Nassen Set is a good choice for Slayers. Slayer as melee damage dealer needs good movement against long-ranged to avoid being kitted.

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Armor Appearance

On early Slayers journey, they mostly wear crafted leather armor providing basic protection against enemy attack. Mid-Grade Slayer typically wears heavy armor composed with modable metals. Elite Slayers wear the best part of Heavy Armor that protects them against most of basic attacks and only has few weakness that can only be misused by legendary enemies.

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