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At the first look, the Guardian may seem like a small lightweight opponent, but the opposite is true. Guardians, thanks to tough training of defensive techniques, have the best passive defensive abilities from all Lineage 2 Revolution classes. Guardians have the best defense and highest HP, at the cost of attack power and critical damage. Although Guardians have the lowest DPS, they are the toughest ones to kill. If you want to play safe and slow, Guardian is the best choice.

Key Features

Trigger Skills Twice High HP Value High Defense Value

Solo play: As a Guardian you will be faced with low farming speed at all. It is one of the slowest farming character of all classes. Guardians have the lowest damage output with the lowest critical rates from the game. This makes them a really bad choice for solo play. On the other side, they have the best values of HP and defense and can hold many opponents on themselves without a scratch. Because of low damage output, some solo-content bosses are a true challenge for Guardians, especially bosses in Tower of Insolence with time limits.
Party play: Guardians are usually used as secondary tanks in parties. They have plenty of HP and defense, but missing active aggro skill and lowest damage output which causes serious issues to holding agro on their own in damage parties. They also have defense increased buff to all party members. In most cases, Guardians aren’t a favorite pick in standard farming party, because of their low damage output and aggro abilities.
PvP play: Guardians are a good choice for PvP. They have plenty of HP and defense which makes them a serious opponent especially if defending arena rank, because challenger can have serious trouble to defeat them in time. Guardians also have a Famous skill “Lucky Dexterity”, which has a chance to trigger a skill twice. It is extremely useful in 1v1 PvP, which can dramatically change leadership of the match. In mass PvP they are also a useful class because of their extreme value of HP and defense can hold a huge amount of enemy skills.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Thrust Lucky Dexterity Defense Aura
Earthquake Righteous Fury
Power Strike Parry Expertise
Rush Impact Warrior Weapon Mastery
Energy Blast Heavy Armor Mastery
Dwarf Potential

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Each Guardian requires extraordinary training to learn true power of shield mastery. They use shields for far more than for basic protection. Veteran Guardians are nearly untouchable thanks to their shield that can be also used for damaging enemies. They also wear Heavy Armor that provides them with additional protection from enemy attacks.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Sword&Shield Guardians always use Sword in a combination with a Shield. It is an ideal combination which hardens their body the most while allowing them to strike enemies.
Heavy Armor Heavy Armor is the best option for Guardians because it adds passive bonuses to their overall defense.
Accessory Black Ore Set is a good choice for Guardians because it passively increases critical resistance, which makes them even harder to defeat.

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Armor Appearance

Low-grade Guardian equipment is composed of heavy leather scraps and rusted metals. In many cases it is more dangerous to wear this equipment than its protection abilities. Average Guardian looking for armor can furnish them and mostly protect sensitive areas of their bodies. Hero Guardians wear a truly legendary armor composed with hardest material from the world of Aden. This kind of armor almost has no weak places and protects them against heavy strikes from the most dangerous enemies.

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