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Shilien Knights are dark fighters that received professional swordsman training. They possess many skills and magic focused on causing damage. In an offensive tank role they weaken their enemies and drain their HP in most time. From their dark origin they also inherit increased critical chance.

Key Features

Pull Enemies HP Drain Balanced Attack-Defense

Solo play: From all tank-oriented classes Shilien Knights are the best option for solo play. They have a good balance between overall damage output and average defense. They have probably the worst basic stats compared to other tanks, but their skills are oriented on damage and life steal. Life steal is also a key to stay alive in many critical situations with only average defense. Good overall damage with descent survivability makes them an ideal choice for solo content farming.
Party play: Shilien Knights are also useful in parties. They can easily increase defense of all party members while they pull all enemies focus attraction on themselves. For this attraction they uses a special technique, witch chains enemies together and pulls them in front of self. According to their average defense, they are not an ideal choice for primary tank to Clan or Field boss parties because their lifesteal is weak against such strong opponents.
PvP play: Shilien Knights are not a good choice for PvP content at all. In 1v1 fights most of their spells are useless. Iconic life steal has only minimal healing effect against well-geared opponents. In mass PvP like Sieges Shilien Knights are mostly defeated first due to their only average defensive abilities.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Chain Hydra Righteous Fury Defense Aura
Life Leech Enhanced Drain
Ultimate Defense Warrior Weapon Mastery
Power Strike Heavy Armor Mastery
Rush Impact Dark Elf Potential
Energy Blast

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Shilien Knights require extraordinary training to learn the true power of shield mastery. They use shields for far more than basic protection. Veteran Shilien Knights are nearly untouchable thanks to their shield. They also wear Heavy Armor which provides additional protection from enemy attacks.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Sword&Shield Shilien Knights always use Sword in combination with a Shield. It is an ideal combination which hardens their body the most while allowing them to strike enemies.
Heavy Armor Heavy Armor is the best option for Shilien Knights because it adds passive bonuses to their overall defense.
Accessory Black Ore Set is a good choice for Shilien Knights because it passively increases critical resistance, which makes them harder to defeat.

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Armor Appearance

Low-grade equipment of Shilien Knight is composed of heavy leather scraps and rusted metals. In many cases it is more dangerous to wear this equipment than its protection abilities. Average Shilien Knight is looking for an armor that can furnish them and mostly can protect sensitive areas of their bodies. Hero Shilien Knights wear a truly legendary armor composed with hardest material from the world of Aden. This kind of armor has almost no weak places and protects them against heavy strikes from the most dangerous enemies.

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