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Bladedancers are masters of dark ritual dances that give bonus to the whole party. They are a special class that combines group buffs with considerable offensive fighting power. On its own the class is already not bad but their real power only appears in groups because many dance effects stack with ordinary buff effects. Thanks to their dark origin they also have a descent critical output.

Key Features

Dances Dual Wielding Critical Rate

Solo play: Bladedancers should not encounter many problems in solo content. Thanks to their AOE skills with high damage output they also achieve descent farming speed. As they wear Heavy Armor, they cannot use it as tanks and at the same time they must watch their HP, especially when fighting alone against strong bosses. Due to their great critical output an investment to life steal substats is in the place because it increases Bladedancer´s survivability.
Party play: As a Bladedancer you probably never have problems to find spot in parties. True power of Bladedancers appears in parties. Theirs dance provides a great boost to overall party CP, while it stacks with other buffs from other party members. This is the main reason why most of parties aspire for one Bladedancer. Bladedancers are also great damage dealers with AOE. Their only downside is defense and in some cases thanks to great critical output steal aggro from Tank and can be facing problems with it because of lack survivability abilities.
PvP play: Bladedancers are dangerous foes to many opponents. Their spells have really great damage output with some crowd control and passively strike many criticals on the enemy. Their downside is lack of defensive abilities which also makes them an easy prize from heavy strikes. Thanks to their dances they are very useful on mass PvP like Sieges.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Hurricane Storm Fever Dance of the Warrior
Spinning Slasher Combat Mastery Dance of the Fury
Power Strike Warrior Weapon Mastery Attack Aura
Rush Impact Heavy Armor Mastery
Energy Blast Dark Elf Potential

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Bladedancers in most cases use dualswords because they have skill mastery for them. They can also cast all their spells by wearing a spear but endgame Bladedancers prefer Dualswords because they grant them better damage output. They also wear Heavy Armor which provides them with additional protection from enemy attacks.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Dualswords or Spear Bladedancers use in most cases Dualswords as it comes out of their name. They can use a spear as well.
Heavy Armor Heavy Armor is the best option for Bladedancers because it adds passive bonuses to their overall defense.
Accessory Nassen Set is a good choice for a Bladedancer. Nassen Set greatly increases speed which is useful when you need to chase long-ranged enemies or flee from danger.

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Armor Appearance

On early Bladedancer journey, he mostly wears crafted leather armor providing basic protection against enemy attack. Mid-Grade Bladedancer typically wears Heavy Armor composed with modable metals. Elite Bladedancers wear the best part of Heavy Armor that protects them against most of basic attacks and only have few weakness that can only be misused by legendary enemies.

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