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Warrior Class poses superior strength. They pride themselves as being the most skilled in melee combat, mainly using Swords, Dualswords or Spear weapons. They specialize in wearing Heavy Armor that grants them great defense and a lots of life, making them great melee fighters that can endure a lot of attacks. Human Warriors have huge attack and are able to resist a critical strike in any fight from all enemies.
The darkness allows Dark Elves Warriors to have high attack and strike critical rate. When completing the class transfer in level 31 Dark Elf Warrior can choose to focus on tank role as Shilien Knight or buff/damage role as Bladedancer.

Dark Elf Warrior Class Path:

Warrior Shilien Knight
Class Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs
Power Strike Warrior Weapon Mastery
Rush Impact Heavy Armor Mastery
Energy Blast Dark Elf Potential

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