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Abyss Walkers are masters of Daggers. They use techniques that allow them to find weak spots on enemy armors. They care about their dagger edge in order to make bleeding injuries on enemies. They also use their knowledge to find weakened enemies because they know how to finish them quickly. Inherited from their origin they have lack of defensive abilities but they benefit from increased critical chance.

Key Features

Single-target Bleeding Attack Speed

Solo play: Abyss Walkers perform very well on solo content. They are probably one of the best single-target oriented damage dealers in the game. They have descent farming speed even if they don’t excel with AOE. They have lack defensive abilities according to their origin. When choosing an Abyss Walker you must keep in mind that he has a relative low evasion compared to other dagger masters. However, their skillset synergies well to make them excellent grinding machine.
Party play: Abyss Walkers are more of solo players. They have excellent damage output but are oriented on single-target enemies and also don´t have any buff or benefit for parties. Movement speed increased buff is useful only in same cases and mostly party members don’t need them, especially in Elite Dungeons. They occasionally occupy melee damage dealer party slot, but in most cases they are not wanted as party players.
PvP play: Abyss Walkers excel in 1v1 oriented PvP matches. Thanks to their huge initial damage and bleeding effects they are dangerous opponents for many enemies. They have relatively low evasion and if your opponent survives your initial burst damage, you will probably be facing issues of holding victory in the match. Especially Tank classes are hard to defeat by Abyss Walkers. They are also descent at mass PvP, but as a melee class with low survivability, makes them an easy target.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Razor Rain Critical Power Quickstep
Sting Seek Blood
Vicious Stance Rogue Weapon Mastery
Assault Slash Light Armor Mastery
Mortal Blow Dark Elf Potential
Power Shot
Double Shot
Energy Blast

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Abyss Walkers are dagger masters. They use a dagger for heavy melee blows. They know many ways of how to make bleeding injuries with their blades or how to find weakness of Heavy Armor. They always wear armor composed with hardened leather and lightweight metal plates which can protect them from basic claws and from attacks but more importantly it grants them good speed and evasion ability.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Dagger Abyss Walkers always use Daggers because their active skills require them to be empowered with a dagger. They also obtain passive damage bonuses if they are wearing a dagger.
Light Armor Light Armor is the best option for Plain Walkers because they add passive bonuses to their overall evasion.
Accessory Elven Set is a good choice for Plain Walkers because it has naturally highest damage stat from all other accessories.

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Armor Appearance

Newbie Abyss Walkers wear light, flexible leather to guard their wrists and their throat. This lightweight armor is ideal for their evasion and movement abilities but not for protection. Superior leather is used for crafting this kind of improved plated armor. Every rogue appreciates minor ornamentation of their shoulders and wrists with lightweight metals. Fine metal plates are carefully chosen to enhance Abyss Walker’s swiftness while providing moderate protection against enemy attacks. Most of skilled Abyss Walkers are looking for this type of equipment.

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