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Spellhowlers are masters of dark magic. Power of their magic is truly devastating against enemies. They also can debuff enemies which causes them to be more vulnerable to their deadly attacks. Most of their spells result in insane damage with wide area of effect which doesn’t have an analogy in Lineage 2 Revolution game. They also inherit increased critical chance from their dark elves origin.

Key Features

High AOE Damage Channeling Skill Passive Self-Heal

Solo play: Spellhowlers are the best choice for solo play in terms of speed. They can achieve the best experience/farming speed ratio from all other Lineage 2 Revolution classes. They have an insane damage output thanks to fatal wisdom buff, while reducing enemies’ defense by using corruption and continuously damaging them in really wide area of effect. But they have lack of HP and defense which leads to serious issues when they stand against stronger enemies. Especially story-line bosses are a big challenge for them.
Party play: Spellhowlers can probably achieve best DPS in AOE which is really useful among all parties. They can also improve critical damage of all party members. Another useful channeling spell is Dark Breath where you can change direction while casting. By using this you can watch your back from low armored enemies. But don’t forget that as a wizards they are very fragile. With highest AOE damage they can easily steal aggro from tank which can cause them problems. In Elite Dungeon you must definitely watch your steps and be prepared to fleet at any time.
PvP play: Spellhowlers stand below average on 1v1 PvP content. They have a huge damage, but mostly aimed on AOE. They don´t have any good crowd control skills and also are very weak in defense. All of these make them easy victims of enemy strikes. They are mostly wanted to act in mass PvP where their team benefits from huge AOE damage skills. In Sieges or Clan Wars Spellhowlers are dangerous opponents, but also are mostly first targets of enemies’ strikes.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Corruption Fever Death Whisper
Fatal Wisdom Attacking Light Heal
Dark Breath Mage Weapon Mastery
Flame Strike Robe Mastery
Wind Strike Dark Elf Potential
Energy Bolt

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Spellhowlers use true power of Staffs for healing selves and allies. Their knowledge of magic can be imbued only with Staffs. As an armor they always wear Robes because it boosts their attacks rapidly. Due to lack of HP, defense makes no sense, try to harden Spellsinger with some kind of Heavy Armor.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Staff Spellhowlers always use staffs because all their active skills require a staff to cast. They have also a passive damage bonuses if they are wearing a staff.
Robe Robes are the best option for Spellhowlers because they add passive bonuses to their overall damage.
Accessory Black Ore Set is a good choice for Elders. Black Ore set grants the most critical resist from all accessories which leads to better survivability.

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Armor Appearance

Early Mystic equipment is made of basic materials such as cloth and leather. These materials are mostly tailored with little magic that makes the owner stronger in attack. Such created robe only provides basic protection against scratches and claws from weaker enemies. Mid-grade robes integrate hardened chestplates and ornaments with leather magic tunics. This equipment provides moderate protection against enemies. True Spellhowlers wear Robe sets made of luxurious materials by ancient tailors. Most parts of owner’s body are covered by enchanted metals with magical ornaments carefully designed for powerful spellcasters.

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