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Shilien Elders use dark powers to restore their own and party HP. This combination makes them a unique class which can be called an offensive healer. Unlike other Lineage 2 Revolution healers, they don´t restore HP directly. Restoration spell of Shilien Elders is dependent on damage they cause to their enemies. More damage done to enemies = more restoration effects on his allies. Shilien Elders also have increased critical chance that you might find useful on „critical heals“.

Key Features

Offensive Healing Ability Cancel Buffs Group HP Drain

Solo play: Shilien Elders are not the best choice for solo content. They lack in HP and defense, average damage output and offensive heal works only against weak enemies if you play solo. If you act as a Shilien Elder, it is better to avoid bosses without a party.
Party play: Shilien Elders are a good choice for a party. They are offensive healers, when healing effect is deducted from the damage you have done. This comes extremely useful with critical strikes, because if you strike an enemy by critical damage, your allies are restored by „critical heal“. No other healer class can use something like „critical heal“. On the other side they have lack of any other useful party buffs or crowd control spells.
PvP play: Shilien Elders don´t excel in PvP at all. As healers they only have moderate damage output, mostly lack of HP and defense and don´t have any special crowd control effects. 1v1 fights are a serious trouble to him against most classes. With empower and all lifestealing abilities they can longer survive in a match, but this helps to defeat enemy only if Shilien Elder is a defending rank.
Active Skills Passive Skills Buffs

Bloody Rage Mage Weapon Mastery Aggression
Vampiric Touch Robe Mastery Boost HP
Empower Dark Elf Potential
Flame Strike
Wind Strike
Energy Bolt

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Shilien Elders use true power of staffs for healing selves and allies and also for damaging enemies. Their knowledge of restoration can be imbued only with staffs. As an armor they always wear Robes because it boosts their attacks and restorations. Due to lack of HP, defense makes no sense, so try to harden Shilien Elder with some kind of Heavy Armor.

Recommended Equipment

Type Description Items
Staff Shilien Elders always use staffs because all their active skills require a staff to cast. They also have passive damage bonuses if they are wearing a staff.
Robe Robes are the best option for Shilien Elders because they add passive bonuses to their overall damage.
Accessory Black Ore Set is a good choice for Elders. Black Ore set grants the most critical resist from all accessories which leads to better survivability.

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Armor Appearance

Early Mystic equipment is made of basic materials such as cloth and leather. These materials are mostly tailored with a little magic that makes the owner stronger in attack. Such created robe only provides basic protection against scratches and claws from weaker enemies. Mid-grade robes integrate hardened chestplates and ornaments with leather magic tunics. This equipment provides moderate protection against enemies. True Shilien Elders wear Robe sets made from luxurious materials by ancient tailors. Most parts of owner’s body are covered by enchanted metals with magical ornaments carefully designed for powerful healers.

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