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Lineage 2 Revolution provides many ways to permanently strengthen your game character. In the world of Aden there are many various tasks and challenges, their completion grants you permanent bonuses. Character improvement is not limited only to level or equipment grind.

Basic Stats

Stat Bonus
P. Atk Value of Physical attack dealt
M. Atk Value of Magical attack dealt
P. Def Basic Value of Physical defense
M. Def Basic Value of Magical defense
HP How much damage can be taken before falling in a battle
MP Resource expended to use skills
Crit. Chance Chance of landing a critical hit when attacking
Crit. Resist. Reduces the chance of an enemy landing a critical hit
Crit. Damage Greatly increases Critical Attack Damage
Penetration Decreases the Def. of enemy being hit
Resilience Decreases the Atk. of attacker
Accuracy Probable value of attacks and skills to hit the enemy
Evasion Probable value to evade enemy attacks and skills
HP Regen Increases value of HP Regeneration per sec
MP Regen Increases value of MP Regeneration per sec


Like in most other MMORPG, levelling your character provides permanent passive bonuses to your character stats. Every new level you earn provides bonus to P.Def, M.Def, Max HP and Max MP. You also earn some amount of skillpoints (appropriate to your level), Mastery point and mastery. Maximum character level cap is currently set to 120lvl. You need large amount of experience to reach maximum level. See details experience progression table.

Meow, it takes long time until you reach maximum level capacity. You must be a hard-working adventurer if you want to achieve it. Maybe you should see this first.


Items are the most effective way to increase your character strength. Items always grant various passive bonuses. Items are the most important for your character, because bonuses from items are much higher than bonuses from other sources.
More about items and their improvement can be found in Itemization. Specific items with values can also be found in our Database.


Runes can permanently increase your character’s stats through Rune Imprinting Process. For imprinting of a specific rune you need desired amount of Rune Stones and Adena depending on rune level and rune page. When you are imprinting runes there is probability of success. Higher level runes have smaller probability. If you fail you lose desired amount of Rune Stones and Adena, but you do not lose your current rune level. New Rune page unlocks after you imprint all runes from previous page to level 1. There is also character level restriction to each rune page.


Elixirs are crafted from herbs and elixir essences that can simply be collected from Extraction Dungeon or obtained through Daily Activities, Quest Completion or Special Events. Once you have enough of certain herbs and essences, you can craft an elixir of desired color. Created elixir is automatically used by your character and it grants permanent bonus to your stats. There are 4 types of elixirs, each of different color, each granting different permanent bonuses described in the table below.

Grade Upgrades to next grade Max HP Max MP Attack increase Defense increase
C 40 +9 +9 +6 +8
B 60 +21 +21 +15 +19
A 80 +33 +33 +25 +30
S 100 +50 +50 +40 +45

Monster Codex

Monster codex can be created from a certain number of Monster Cores. Players can acquire Monster Cores by hunting different monsters in regions and occasionally as reward from Summon Boxes. Completing Monster Codex provides a permanent bonus to character stats according to certain Codex (Each Codex provides a different bonus). Each Monster Codex has 10 levels and each level require specific number of Monster Cores.

Each Codex requires specific Cores which drop from specific Bosses of monsters, but not all monsters drop cores. Monster cores can only be obtain from Field Bosses, Clan Bosses, Mini-Bosses and normal monsters with appearance similar to Mini-Bosses. Complete list can be found here.

As you are completing Monster Codexes, you reach milestones for certain regions that grant you summoning stone fragments as a reward. Summoning Stone can be created from fragments and open a portal to a special location with plenty of Core-type monsters according to your pick. The location is available for 30 minutes and monsters spawn during this time or until they are all defeated. There are 5 grades of a Boss Monster: C, B, A, S and R:

Grade Respawn Spawn Locations Name Color
C 5 minute Open world locations White
B 10 minute Open world locations Blue
A 30 minute Elite Dungeons Green
S At fixed time – Every 4 hours Open world locations Cyan
R At fixed time – Once per week Clan Dungeons Purple

Note 1: Monster Core is a standard item that is needed in order to create Monster Codex that grants permanent bonuses. Item itself doesn’t provide any bonuses and needs to be registered into codex.
Note 2: Monster Codex provides permanent bonus stats against all enemies, not only against codex type monsters.


Basic use of pets in Lineage 2 Revolution is to speed travel around the World of Aden. They become available at level 50 and require completing quest series in Wasteland. After completion you will be rewarded with your first pet Black Bear. After that additional pets can be obtained from Summoning Stone Dungeon. Pets can be mounted while out of combat, allowing you to travel across the map faster. If you are attacked you are immediately dismounted.

Each pet has different basic stats and grants different bonus to movement speed when mounted. Pets can be upgraded to higher grades that grant additional bonuses to their stats. Pets can also be equipped with special pet equipment that has the same behaviour as character equipment (Grades, Upgrades, Levelling Up).

Pets stats are automatically added to your main character’s overall stats and even when you are dismounted. Mounting and Dismounting your pet only affects your movement speed. You can only have one active pet. Only an active pet can be Mounted or Dismounted and it is available from the main screen. Only active pets grant 100% passive bonuses to your character. On the other hand inactive pets also grant 30% additional bonus.

Black Bear Silver Saint Kukurin

Character effect (Subclass)

Character effect is calculated as a bonus from other characters on your account. You obtain 0,01% bonus to P.Attack, M.Attack, P.Defense, M.Defense, Max HP and Max MP for each of other character levels. So if you own 180lvl characters on all 4 slots you can obtain maximum 5.4% bonus. Each character obtains bonus from 3 (or less) other characters but does not obtain bonus from his own levels. There is no benefit from special class combination well known from the standard Lineage 2 (Subclass).

Bonus Effects from Additional Character Levels

Combat Power 375,000
300 500
750 630
HP 720 MP 875
Warrior 0.30%
DwarfWarrior 0.25%


Owned character Effect applies to a maximum of 4 characters
Character Effect 0.73%

Arena grade

Arena grade depends on your current number of honor points. Honor points can be earned from arena fights. Once you reach specific arena grade, you will be rewarded with passive bonuses to your stats.
More information about Arena fights and Arena Grade bonuses can be found here.

Achievement grade

During the Journey in Lineage 2 Revolution world, your game character from time to time completes a task called Achievements. Achievements are completed automatically and provide achievement experience as a reward. Once you earn enough achievement experience your achievement grade increase which provides permanent bonus to your character stats.
More about Achievements can be found here.

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