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Castle Siege is a mass PvP event where four clans fight against each other to conquer a Castle. Only clans with level 5 or higher can participate in Castle Siege. Battle occurs every Friday and it lasts 30 min. During this time the defending clan should prevent Holy Artifact to be imprinted by enemy clans or should try to destroy enemy clan camps, while attacking clans should protect their camps and try to imprint the Castle Holy Artifact. If all camps are destroyed, defending clan wins. When Holy Artifact is imprinted, the clan whose Clan Leader imprints the artifact, becomes the new ruler of the castle until the next period. During this time, conquering clan has access to special Castle Siege features and benefits described below in detail.


Castles are by structure similar to Fortresses and there is limited number of Castles per server. Meaning that only top clans with enough resources can successfully participate in conquering Castle. If Clan wants to participate in a Castle Siege, Clan Leader must bid to the desired Castle with Clan Adena. Starting bid for each Castle starts from 1,000,000 Adena. Bids to Castle Siege are open every Friday (time depends on your server, more details can be found here). Three clans with the highest bids will be selected as attacking clans. Conquering clan from the previous period is selected to be defending clan. Very first Castle Siege (or Siege after special circumstances like server merge) starts only with attacking clans.

Other bidding rules:

  • Clan Leader can re-bid to a different Castle, but there is a 5% fee from the last bid amount
  • Clan Leader can only bid higher amount than the current 3-rd highest bid
  • Once bid is made, it cannot be withdrawn. But clans with unsuccessful (not winning) bid will be fully refunded (except of a case of simultaneous bids described above when 5% fee will be deducted)
  • If there are no opponent bids, your clan must imprint Holy Artifact of the Castle, no matter that the enemy participant is not present. If you don’t imprint Holy Artifact in this case, Castle will be without an owner for the next period
  • Bids that are made 1 minute before the end will extend bidding time by 3 minutes. End time can be extended 10 times up to max 30 minutes and can’t exceed 20:30 (depending on your server time)
  • During the extension time your clan can only bid once regardless of extension bids


Castle Siege starts every Saturday at 19:30 GMT London (other time zones can be found here). Clan members of participating clans can enter the Castle Siege 10 minutes before (at 19:20 GMT). During this time, players can only move within their base. Players can’t enter Castle Siege with parties, these are automatically disbanded and must be recreated again inside the Castle Siege.

Main objective of Castle Siege is to defend Holy Artifact for the defending clan while objective for attacking clans is to imprint Castle Holy Artifact. The first clan that imprints Castle Holy Artifact during Siege time (30 min.) wins the Siege. If Holy artifact isn’t imprinted during the time or all three camps are destroyed, a defending clan wins the Siege. Attacking clans can cooperate or fight each other, but only attacking clan that imprints the artifact first can be the winner of the Siege. If attacking clan camp was destroyed by an enemy clan, all clan members of clan whose camp was destroyed will be removed from the Siege.

During the Castle Siege participants can interact with other structures that are located on the Castle Battlefield and may help change result of the battle by providing temporary benefits. Participants can interact with these structures:

Holy Artifact
It’s the main objective structure, first clan that imprints enemy’s Holy Artifact conquers the Fortress. Only the clan leader can imprint enemy’s Holy Artifact
Inner Castle Gate
Gates that stop enemies from entering your base. Only clan members can pass through
Defense Tower
Tower is used for defending your base. If enemy destroys your towers, they can pass through your gate.
Altar of Fire
Get Speed and Atack Speed buff while imprints and take over the Altar by your clan member.
Altar of Water
Get Speed and Reduced Skill cooldown buff while imprints and take over Altar by your clan member.
Siege Headquarters
Is at the starting point of each attacking clan. Once destroyed, respective clan members are removed from the battle.

Note: Defending clan can choose to enhance a defense-related building (Inner Castle Gate or Defense Towers) once per Castle Siege. Also item that can increase imprinting time by additional 5-second can be used once (per Castle Siege).

Additional Castle Siege battle information:

  • Clans with formed alliance can participate in Castle Siege as Allies, but alliance can be dismissed during the Siege to fight each other.
  • During Castle Siege participating members can enter or leave battlefield at any time with no restriction
  • Holy Artifact cannot be imprinted simultaneously by more than one Clan Leader
  • Imprinting artifacts takes some time and can only be cancelled by an enemy attack. Clan Leader himself cannot cancel imprinting
  • Altars can be imprinted by any clan members regardless of their rank
  • If a player is defeated on a battlefield, he can choose to revive normally (with respawn timer) or instantly (for Red Diamonds). After that he will be revived at their base
  • Every player’s new revive increases respawn time or number of Red Diamonds needed
  • Joining, leaving or kicking member out of the clan as well as appointing new Clan Leader are restricted during the Castle Siege

Warrior Grade

Warrior Grades are points accumulated during the battle. Points are calculated by battle activity and you can get points for destroying towers, imprinting objects or for defeating a Clan Leader. You will automatically earn Warrior Grade if accumulated points exceed desired values according to the table below. Also clan member with most points gets 20% bonus to Castle Siege reward. Warrior points only apply for current Castle Siege and are erased after Siege ends.

Warrior Grade

Grade Points Needed Buff Effect
Champion 150 Attack and Defense +7%
General 125 Attack and Defense +6%
Commander 90 Attack and Defense +5%
First Knight 60 Attack and Defense +4%
Knight Captain 30 Attack and Defense +3%
Top-Grade Knight 15 Attack and Defense +2%
Knight 5 Attack and Defense +1%

Points Aquisition

Action Points Earned
Imprint Holy Artifact 50
Destroy Defense Tower 20
Imprint Altar 15
Defeat Lord 10
Defeat Same Rank 5
Defeat Lower Rank 3


Rewards for participants:
All participating clan members obtain reward for participation in Castle Siege regardless of battle result. Clan member participant obtains large amount of Adena, tons of experience and Proof of Blood. Players who didn’t log-in during Castle Siege or didn’t enter the battlefield during Siege time, don’t receive any reward.

Rewards for winning:
Players who are members of a clan who conquer the Castle will be rewarded with additional amount of Adena, experience and Prof of Blood. Clan member of the winning clan who earns the most points (MVP) will receive additional 50% of Adena, experience and Prof of Blood. Clan obtains global buff that applies to all online clan members everywhere and local buff which applies to all clan members located in Castle region territory. Clan members are rewarded with these buffs only during the Castle ownership.


Winning clan members also receive:

  • Unlocked Conquer Shop available from the Clan Menu
  • Strider binding Hornflute
  • Receive tax reward (Diamond Boxes) based on calculation of Castle taxes and number of Trading Post transaction made during conquering period

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