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Since Lineage 2 Revolutions has implemented auto-attack feature, field mobs farming is not the best source of experiencing your character anymore. Characters can still earn exp by auto-attack at selected location, but there are other much more effective options to progress your character. Field mobs farming is useful only as an AFK experience or if you run out of all options described below.

Main quests (Story line):

Always complete as many story line quests as you can until you are stopped by level restriction. Story line quest provide great rewards, tons of experience, adena, but mainly they unlock new content and higher level locations. Detailed description of Story line quest can be found here.

11-1 Business Starts With Sale
11-2 A Cat’s Repayment
11-3 Finding Brother I
11-4 Finding Brother II
11-5 Gorgon Queen
11-6 Pandora’s Box
11-7 Sealed Past
11-8 Concealment
11-9 Disappeared Delegation
11-10 Rescue Delegation

Daily quest:

Daily quest is another way to progress your character. You can complete up to 12 Daily quests per day. Completion rewards are experience and small amount of Adena, depending on your character level. You can accept 3 daily quest at the same time and complete it simultaneously. Daily quest can be done „manually“ – by completing requested task or „automatically“ after period of time ( approximately between 150-300minutes). More about Daily Quest mechanics and reward can be found here.

Weekly quest:

Weekly quest provides relatively high amount of experience and adena. In can be completed 15 times a day, up to 60 times per week. Task of weekly quest is very similar and typically requires defeating Miniboss or certain number of monsters from the region which is specified for current character level.
More about Weekly quest mechanics and rewards can be found here.

Quest Scrolls

Quest Scrolls, also known as sub-quest, are by far the best option to get lot of experience and good amount of Adena per day. Scrolls are divided by grade where better grade provides more experience as reward. Always try to complete Quest Scrolls according to your character level with highest possible grade. Player can complete 5 subquests per day and this limit can be reset by Red diamonds up to 3 times, allowing for up to 20 sub-quests to be completed in a day.
More about Quest Scrolls mechanics and rewards can be found here.


Dungeon daily entries

Dungeons provide great rewards on daily basis. It is good to use all available daily entries to all available unlocked dungeons that you can afford. Some dungeons offer special rewards that can be difficult to obtain by any different way.
Detailed description of individual Dungeons can be found here.

Arena entries

Always try to use available free arena entries. Even if you lose all matches you will still be rewarded by some amount of Adena, Experience and Honor points which is used to increasing Honor grade. And don’t forget to claim Arena ranking reward on daily basis.
More about arena mechanics can be found here.

Daily activities

Daily activities is the only standard possible way to obtain skillpoints. In Lineage 2 Revolution you cannot gain skillpoints by monster farming as you used to. You can only earn it by completing daily activities and some limited events. You can earn up to 100 skillpoints per day from daily activities. It is actually good to complete them all, because skillpoints are in short supply in this game.

Daily Activity Reward
Not Choosing Is Your Loss
Make 1 Free Draw.
Tower of Insolence Challenger
Auto-Clear Tower of Insolence.
Build on Friendship!
Greet Friends and Acquire 10 points.
To the Sealed Sanctuary of Memories!
Clear Today´s Daily Dungeon 1 time.
Be Active in Clan!
Make 1 Clan Donation.
Genuine Talent!
Participate in the Arena 2 times.
Clan Basics
Check in to the Clan.
Fulfill the Daily Quest!
Complete Daily Quest 6 times.
Fulfill the Weekly Quest!
Complete Weekly Quest 5 times.
Explore Elite Dungeon!
Complete Elite Dungeon 1 time.
Collect Magical Herbs!
Make 10 Extractions in Extraction Pit.
Make 1 High-grade draw.
Explore Temple Guardian!
Complete Temple Guardian 1 time.
Explore Adena Valut!
Complete Adena Valut 1 time.
Explore Trials of Experience!
Complete Trials of Experience 1 time.
Explore the Summoning Circle!
Complete the Summoning Circle 1 time.

Progression Reward:

10,000 30 50

Login reward

Every day you can pick up daily logins that are divided into Monthly login and Login time reward. Monthly login provides different reward every new day you log in the first time. There are 28 different rewards and when you pick them all up, next day you start from the beginning. Monthly reward is not associated with current date, it only depends on your real logins (e.g. if you play one day and pick up reward 1 and you are offline next 3-days, when you come online the next day, you pick up reward 2, not reward 5). This way you don’t miss any rewards when you are offline for some period of time.
Login time reward provides different reward for each 15min you play online up to 60min. In all you can receive 4 different rewards.

Monthly Login

Daily Login Time

5m 15m 40m 60m


Occasionally, in Lineage 2 Revolution game occurs a special event for a short period of time. During the event time you are able to obtain additional rewards. There are many types of events that occur during special opportunities or celebrations. Some of them work as daily logins and you just need to log in every day and pick up your reward, for others you need to fulfil a task, such as collecting special items or reaching certain equipment enhancement, another one is created as a gamble mini-game that requires special event items, but the reward is random (Dice events, Draw events…).

Recess rewards

Recess reward cannot be considered to be an activity because essentially it is inactivity. Your character will be rewarded with 1 recess point for every 5 minutes spent offline. Your character can obtain up to 100 points in 500 minutes. Recess points can be exchanged for experience, for rune imprinting stones or for feather of blessing. Must be emphasized that AFK experiencing is around 2-3 times more profitable than recess reward just in case of earned experience. Items obtained from AFK exping is another reason, why it is better to AFK grind than disconnecting your character.



Rune Fragment

Feather of Peace

Clan and social activities

Lineage was always designed as MMORPG and this version is not an exception. Clans, parties and friends are few of the core aspects of the game. If you are not a solo player and you are a member of a clan, follow this advice every day:

  • Greet all your clan mates
  • Check in
  • Donate POB and RD as much as you can
  • Claim clan achievements if any available
  • Greet all your friends from your friendlist
  • More information about Clan mechanics can be found here.

    Free shop draw

    You can pick-up free equipment boxes from the shop, up to 1 High-grade equipment box and 3 equipment boxes per day. It is good support to early stages of the game, but if you are lucky you can get SR equipment from High grade box so don’t forget to pick-up.

    Achievements and Mercenary Journey

    While playing the game your character progresses over Journey and automatically fulfils some of achievements. Mercenary Journey and Achievements task provide great rewards that help speed up progress of your character. As opposed to other activities, it is not necessary for this to be done on daily basis, reward depends on fulfilled task and has no limit to complete per day.
    More information about Achievements and Mercenary Journey mechanics can be found here.

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