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    Where i can find item drop rates?


    Currently we have not implemented drop rates on this site. It is cased, because Lineage 2 Revolution uses advanced formulas for generate what item drops. Explain drop rates with simple percentage value is not easy. Let’s look how it works deeply:
    In Lineage 2 PC game, when you defeat a mob game roll for some number on behind. And if rolled number is the same as number of possible item drop, then item drop on the ground and will be available for all nearby players to pick up.
    Example: Mob is defeated and has a 5% chance to drop Scroll of Enchant Weapon. The enchant drop in case when roll for a random number (between 0-100) on behind and result will be number between 1 and 5 including. If Scroll of Enchant Weapon is only one item from the drop-list and the result number will be more than 5, then mob drop nothing.

    In Lineage 2 Revolution the calculation is different. First of all players uses own formula for calculating drops. So, if more players or party defeat a mob, then each player can get different drop from luxury item to nothing. If 10 players defeat a mob then each of them can get reward and mob can drop 10 items at all, but if only one player defeat a mob, the mob drops item only for this player. Another difference is that items roll more times in some groups or packages after final result is selected. Maybe you also remember, that in Lineage 2 PC game mob drop-list contains only few items approx. between 5-20 items. In Lineage 2 Revolution mobs drop-lists contains hundreds of items.

    Example: Mob is defeated. Now its rolled for random number between 1-10. If result is 1 a weapon package will be chosen, if result is 2 Armor package will be chosen and so on. Now if package is chosen, the algorithm roll for another number between 1-100. If result is number between 1-50 C grade package will be chosen, if result number will be between 50-75 B grade package will be chosen and so on. Now algorithm roll for another package and the result number choose between weapon type (staff, sword etc.). And finally, the last roll chooses between final items.

    So the rolls can look like this:
    4. Dynasty Dualsword
    In this case monster drop C-Grade Dynasty Dualsword.

    Please, be aware that these examples are just some simple examples that describes basic differences and why is so hard to create a drop rate database. Actually, both games use more sophisticated and complicated algorithm for final formulas.

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