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As in many MMORPG games, the highest level of your character is the key to success. Lineage 2 Revolution game is no different and higher level of your character provides better combat power, powerful skills, unlocks more challenging content that yields better rewards. The stronger you are the stronger enemies you slay. The strongest enemies you can slain, the better drop you can obtain and be rewarded with much more experience. If you also want to compete with other players, higher level is a huge advantage.

Below you can find useful tips how to earn a lot of experience and progress with your character level faster (but be aware, if you grind experience too fast, you might face difficulty issues with some content due to low grade equipment. Don’t forget to upgrade your equipment during levelling).

Each new day starts with daily activities (Dungeons, Daily and Weekly Quests, Quest Scrolls etc.). It’s because the daily activities´ difficulty and rewards are calculated at the start of the day and if you earn a few levels different way, rewards stays the same until new day starts. Daily activities are also restarted each day so if you don’t complete it all, you miss the chance to earn experience from them. The only reason you should avoid prioritizing daily activities over storyline quests is when you need to unlock a new content, especially when you are low level with beginning character. Also remember, daily activities provide a much more experience than casual monster grind.

Follow priorities below and you get the most of available daily experience.

1. Recess Reward

At first claim Recess Reward. Each time choose an experience as a reward. The other options are not worth it.

2. Daily Quests

Choose 3 active Daily Quests. Try to choose only A-Grade and higher quest. If you have lower quests in selection, refresh it for free resets (resets for Adena are not worth it and choosing a C or B-Grade quest is better). Don’t try to complete Daily Quests tasks. It is a waste of time because each Daily Quest is automatically completed after a period of time. Once a Daily Quest is completed, claim your reward and assign a new Daily Quest to free slot.

3. Elite Dungeon

Complete Elite Dungeon hot-time which grants an 8x EXP rate and additional 4x DROP rate. If you can afford it, refresh hot-time with Red Diamonds as many times as you can. Farming monsters inside Elite Dungeon, while hot-time is active, is the best source of earning experience in game. If you have good Equipment, try to find your own place inside Elite Dungeon, because you can earn much more experience alone, but monster here is quite difficult. Try to find monsters around your level (+-5) that you can slain fast and grant a lot of exp (slaying a much higher or lower Lv. monster applies penalty to granted experience). Killing speed is the key to successful levelling of your character. Also, it is better to find a spot of „evil of blood“ monsters, which drops Proof of Bloods and Red Starstones.
Don’t try to complete Elite Dungeon quest while your hot-time is active. Most of these quests require to slay a boss or monsters with higher than +-5 level difference, which is a waste of hot-time bonuses.

4. Donate your Clan

Here is the reason you should prioritize Evil of Blood monster in Elite Dungeon. Donate all Proof of Bloods and Red Starstones to your Clan. There is no reason to keeping these items in your inventory, because it only has a value in clan warehouse. Also, don’t be greedy and donate maximum amount of Adena (70,000) to the clan. Clan donations provide you with Clan Coins that can be used for Clan Shop purchases. Spend all of them on experience boxes (1x Greater and 10x Normal). Until your level is maxed, experience boxes are the best choice from the Clan Shop.

5. Trials of Experience

Complete Trials of Experience Dungeon (2x). Just don’t afk this dungeon and try to slay as many monsters as possible on time. Spend Red Diamonds for resets only if you have tons of it.

6. Extraction Pit

Collect all herbs in the Extraction Pit. Before you start collecting herbs here, use a Einhasad’s Blessing Potion. Herbs provide more experience than Elite Dungeon monsters and if you apply 200% experience boost, you earn a more exp. here than in Trials of Experience.

7. Weekly Quests

Until you have probably some remaining time on Einhasad’s Blessing from Extraction Pit, it is time to move on fields, where the bonus applies too. Now, complete all available Weekly Quests. Good practice is not to pick up quests for bosses, if you want to complete all quests quickly. From a boss you can drop additional reward like enhancements scrolls, but most of time bosses are not spawn and a lot of players are waiting for them.

8. Quest Scrolls

It is good to consider to completing Quest Scrolls now. If you want a lot of experience and Adena, it is good to complete only A-Grade Scrolls (can be crafted from B-Grade) and higher. You can complete 5 Quest Scrolls per day and counter can be reset 3-times for Red Diamonds. According to that, you can complete up to 20 Quest Scrolls per day. It is good to consider using Red Diamonds for resets only if you have enough scrolls. It makes no sense to fulfil 20 Quest Scrolls per day, if on the next day you can’t complete no one.

9. Tower of Insolence (New Floor)

Try to challenge new floor in the Tower of Insolence. Beat as much as you can.

10. Tower of Insolence (Auto-clear)

Auto-clear Tower of Insolence

11. Arena PvP

Complete arena fights. Each Arena fight grants you a small amount of experience, even if you lose the match.

12. Story-line Quests

Finally, it’s time to completing available Story-line Quests. Try to complete them all, until level requirements stops you. Story line quest are pretty easy and can be afk-ing most of time. Be aware only of some quest, where you must slay a strong boss or plenty of enemy waves.

List of level restricted quests

Lv. Requirement Story Chapter Quest Name
Lv. 16 2-4:Search Party With Feldheim
Lv. 20 3-3: The Suspicious Incident The Grateful Merchant
Lv. 23 3-6: Tragedy Woman in Danger
Lv. 26 3-9: Greedy Heart of the Stronghold
Lv. 29 4-2: Raided Town Man-Hunting Lizardman
Lv. 32 4-5: Division Honoring the Dead
Lv. 35 4-8: Forseen Ending Another Suspicious Past
Lv. 38 5-1: Missing Soldiers How to Get Stronger!
Lv. 42 5-4: Ruin Decisive Battle Site Reinforcements
Lv. 46 5-8: Windawood Revenge Battle Return to Post
Lv. 50 6-1: Ivory Tower Wizard Road to the Wasteland
Lv. 54 6-5: In Memory of the Dead In Search of the Culprit
Lv. 58 6-9: Subjugate Rebellion Recovering Corpses from the Civil War
Lv. 62 7-2: Suspicious Letter High-grade Intelligence
Lv. 66 7-4: Girl with Amnesia The Precious Thing
Lv. 70 7-7: Reason for Confusion Vaguely
Lv. 74 8-1: Proliferating Spiders To Cruma Swamp
Lv. 78 8-3: Swamp Dark Brotherhood Suspicious Barracks
Lv. 82 8-5: Attacked Researchers Meet Bruin
Lv. 87 8-7: To Cruma Tower The Last Key
Lv. 92 9-2: Unwelcome Guest A Rabbit, Not a Spider
Lv. 96 9-4: Unwelcome Guests Tanor on the Watchtower
Lv. 100 9-6: Genuine Plan Durzel and Theodore
Lv. 104 9-8: De Facto Power Silent Tribute
Lv. 108 10-2: Infinite Challenge Theodore’s Advice
Lv. 112 10-4: Something that Shouldn’t Be Furnace’s Threat
Lv. 116 10-7: Contract Suspicious?
Lv. 120 11-1: Business Starts With Sale To the Giran Dominion
Lv. 123 11-3: Finding Brother I Reap the Crop
Lv. 126 11-5: Gorgon Queen Attack of the Evil
Lv. 129 11-7: Sealed Past  Evidence of Black Magic
Lv. 132 11-9: Disappeared Delegation Shh, Quiet!
Lv. 135 12-1: Pan’s Revenge Help!
Lv. 138 12-3: Uncover the Truth Into the Core I
Lv. 144 12-7: Gnosis’s Trace Attacker
Lv. 147 12-10: Dark Harbor A Reunion
Lv. 150 13-1: Advance Party’s Whereabouts Devil’s Isle
Lv. 153 13-3: A Place to Return To Organization I
Lv. 156 13-5: Pirate Crew’s Past Individual Search
Lv. 159 13-7: Tragedy II Secure the Route
Lv. 162 13-9: Sad News Enter
Lv. 165 14-1: Rescue Oren Delegation In Search of Caranese
Lv. 168 14-3: Tree of Protection A Cat, Here?
Lv. 171 14-5: Dead Memories How to Restore the Land
Lv. 174 14-7: Pan is Pan The Cat Returns
Lv. 177 14-9: Spirit Sword Draconians of the Nest
Lv. 180 15-1: Pan and the Northwind Plateau To the Northwind Plateau
Lv. 183 15-2: Durzel’s Homeland Poisoned Durzel
Lv. 186 15-3: Bugbear Invasion Insufficient Equipment!!!
Lv. 189 15-4: Operation Bugbear Where is Russel?
Lv. 192 15-5: Suspicious Oren Castle Innocent Citizen
Lv. 195 15-6: Fugitive People of the Swampland
Lv. 198 15-7: The Truth Revealed Rescue Salein!
Lv. 201 15-9: Orc Threat Ally Recruitment
Lv. 204 15-10: Captured Durzel Training Captain Charto
Lv. 207 16-1: The Way Home Investigate the Willows
Lv. 210 16-2: First Repair Petty Chores
Lv. 214 16-3: Destruction of the Watchful Eye Popular Pan
Lv. 217 16-4: Second Repair Best Tools for the Job
Lv. 221 16-5: Third Repair Activate Barrier
Lv. 224 16-7: Slay the Watchdog Secure the Power I
Lv. 227 16-8: The Perilous Sea The First Mistake
Lv. 230 16-9: The Witch Homeland Oh, Here’s a Bag
Lv. 233 16-10: Against Overwhelming Odds Troubled Graveyard Guardian I
Lv. 236 17-1: Emergency Situation Hand Over Your Herbs III
Lv. 239 17-2: Refugee Wizards I Ignition
Lv. 242 17-4: Revenge of the Dark Witch Teacher’s Order
Lv. 245 17-5: Great Ivory Tower Alliance Secure the Location
Lv. 248 17-6: Threat Removal Take Emergency Measures
Lv. 251 17-7: The Cost of Oppression Getting Caught is a Skill
Lv. 254 17-8: Rebel with a Cause Ew! What a Stench!
Lv. 257 17-9: Open Sesame Transport Power Core Urgently
Lv. 259 17-11: According to Plan Edina’s Support

13. Summoning Stones

Once you are stuck with progression of Story-line Quest, it’s a good time to spend your Summoning Stones, where monsters are spawn in huge waves and also drop valuable Monster Cores.

14. Monster Farming

The last option to get some additional experience is a monster afk-grind. You should find a spot with monsters around your level, maximum +-5 levels difference to ensure 100% experience earns. You should also consider monsters that drop Monster Cores and Quest Scrolls to get more value from grinding. You can learn more about valuable monsters drops in the Farming Guide.

Furthermore, you should consider between monster grind and offline Recess Reward, especially if you have non-dps character like Guardian, where in most of cases a Recess Reward grants you more experience over afk-grind.

15. Advice

Try to avoid afk-ing in Elite Dungeon, Trials of Experience and basically in dungeons at all. You can earn a lot of more especially when you play active in these instances.

Also consider to complete all other dungeons like Adena Valut or Summoning Circle. It doesn’t provide additional experience, but it is worth to complete and should be prioritized over Story-line Quests.

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