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Patch Notes

It was not so long ago when Netmarble launched the last major update and today we can discover next new update that adds new content to the Lineage 2 Revolution game. This update can be identified as “difficulty patch”, because mostly brings end game content of high difficulties. Now the strongest heroes can be facing against unique new Fieldboss or clearing new difficulties in the dungeons. Another good news is that developers has taken actions against illegal account trades, which will lead into account bans after this updates. Detailed description of all changes contained in this update can be found below.

Patch details:

Fieldboss Marsha:
The new Fieldboss Marsha was added to the game. Marsha occupies Deathly Fog Shores area and she is waiting to fight against strongest heroes. Marsha has 702,000 Combat Power and her 130,000,000 hitpoints take some time to drop.

Dungeon Difficulties:
Trials of Experience: Very Hard Difficulty added
Summoning Circle: Hard Difficulty added
Temple Guardian: Very Hard Difficulty added

Daily Activities Reward Changed
Be active in Clan! now rewards 3x Tattered Relic Chest
Not Choosing is your Loss now rewards 2x Megaphone
Drawmaster now rewards 2x Megaphone

Account Bans:
After this update will be suspended accounts connected with illegal trades by using illegal third-party programs.

Other Fixes:
Each unsuccessful enchant with Blessed Scroll grants additional Maphr Fragments.
Material Boxes now can drop also Soul Crystals.
Monster Core Drop Potion Effects increases core drop rates by 50%.
Fixed text that was not properly displayed.

Note 1: There is a bug – when you use at least two chocolates for buff effects, only one buff is applied to your character.

Note 2: In Trial of Experience, when you tap shop button and go back to the dungeon from shop, a monster defeated counter and time limit will disappear. This is a layout only issue and don´t have any effect to your clearance reward.

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