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Many players who previously played on SEA servers and now shifted on Global servers have probably noticed that versions of the game are slightly different. There are many more differences than only maximum level or unlocked locations. The truth is that level capacity as well as new locations and content like Fortress Siege will be probably progressively added through major updates, but the game version itself is different. Learn more in the table below.

Feature SEA version NA/EU version
  • Save Enchant is set to +3
  • Pet Equipment can´t be enchanted
  • Save Enchant is set to +7
  • Pet Equipment can be enchanted like other equipment with special Pet Enhancement Scroll
  • Leveling
  • Character receives only passive bonus to overall stats for every new level
  • Character receives passive bonuses and skillpoints according to character level
  • Mastery Points
  • Are unlocked after character reaches level 180
  • Are unlocked after character reaches level 40
  • Soul Crystals
  • Has randomized substats
  • Can be levelled with Soul Crystal of any other color or grade
  • Each Soul Crystal need 1 slot in inventory
  • There are no substats for Soul Crystals
  • Can be levelled only with Soul Crystal of the same color and grade
  • Soul Crystals is grouped by color and grade in inventory
  • Quests
  • Weekly Quest can be completed 15 times per day up to 60 times per week
  • Weekly Quest can be completed 10 times per day up to 60 times per week
  • Runes
  • Imprinting Runes need decimal values on average
  • Imprinting Runes need hundred values on average, but the drop values also increases
  • Autoclears
  • There is only autoclears for Tower of Insolence and Elite Dungeon
  • Autoclears are available for Tower of Insolence, Elite Dungeon, Daily Dungeon, Adena Valut, Trials of Experience
  • Clans
  • There is no very easy option for Clan Dungeon
  • Through clearing Clan Dungeons you can obtain only Meteor Shower from rare skills
  • Dungeon reset Clan currency is called Red Dragons
  • Relics can be appraised after certain time or with red diamonds or with Relic Keys
  • Very easy option added to Clan Dungeons
  • You can obtain various rare skills after you clear certain Clan Dungeons
  • Dungeon reset Clan currency is called Red Starstones
  • Relics can be appraised only when timer expires or for red diamonds
  • Dungeons
  • There is Adena, Extraction, Experience, Equipment and Summoning Dungeon
  • There is Adena Valut, Extraction Pit, Trials of Experience, Temple Guardian and Summoning Circle. Basically it is the same as in the SEA servers, there are only different names
  • Mercenary Journey
  • There is only one Mercenary Journey with 48 tasks
  • There are 4 Mercenary Journeys with 84 tasks in total. Task from different Journeys can be completed simultaneously
  • Preregistration items
  • There are no preregistration special items
  • You could be rewarded with Glorious Saint Earring or Ageless Mercenary Ring and First Explorer Title
  • Chat
  • There is option to send voice messages over chat
  • No voice messages can be send via in game chat. Aplication itself doesnt require permission to your microphone
  • Character Look
  • Hunman characters look younger and leaner without prey
  • Human characters look more manlier with beards and more muscles
  • Attributes Both versions have different values for attributes. For example Massacre on SEA starts at 40%, on EU 15%
    Shop Some items are different in the shop between both versions. For example on NA/EU version you can buy for Friendship Points Red Starstones, but on SEA can´t.
    Clan Shop There are few different items in the Clan Shop between both versions. For example on NA/EU version you can buy Experience Boxes, but on SEA can´t.
    Daily activities and logins There are few different items in daily activities and daily login rewards between both versions. For example on NA/EU version you can obtain Adena Boxes from some task in daily activities, on SEA version you obtain skillpoints from those tasks instead.

    Do you know any other differences? Share it with us through comments under article. Any relevant information will be added to the article.

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    SEA sounds like the usual game characters even though they seem to be weaker (by looks).


    there’s difference too on how the human looks between SEA and NA/EU. on SEA human looks much more younger and less muscle.


    Thank you. I will add your discovery to the article.


    I play in SEA with Pet Equipment enhancement, skillpoints every new level, Adena Dungeon autoclear, Red Starstones and so on…


    I am in SEA version, but I want to play in Global version. How can I change my server withiot physicall going to North America/EU?


    If you are from the SEA region, then you have two options:
    1. Downlod APK file of NA/EU version of game from unoficial sources and install it to your device
    2. Use 3rd party VPN application which can emulate connection across regions.


    I foud that you cant open relic by keys. Also red dragons are currently called red starstone


    That soul crystal system on NA/EU version is eww… Too hard ?


    Yeah, on NA/EU is pretty hard to leveling soul crystals. Is better to wait to drop some high grade from soul crystal boxes than try to level up c-grade from scratch, because is nearly impossible. On the other hand you can obtain Soul Crystal selection boxes as rewards from some tasks. From these boxes you can choose what color of Soul Crystal you want. Meaning that, you can easily obtain Soul Crystal of Penetration at early stages of game which is pretty hard to grind on SA.


    When you speaking about Soul Crystals, there is another difference. On SEA every new SC needs new slot in inventory like other type of eqipments but in NA/EU these crystal stack by clolors

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